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So someone ended up telling Britney Spears that that stench following her around wasn’t Jayden James’ diaper that needed changing, it was more her ratty hairdo.

She had her people call in to the Nine Zero One (in her case, Ground Zero) Salon ahead of time to have people cleared out of the building for what was about to go down.

The process of removing chicken bones, her kids’ toy trucks, and Kevin Federline’s rap career took about 9 hours or so, which is protocal for this type of transformation of course…

And behold,

Let’s give the folks at Nine Zero One a round of applause for making Starbucks frapps easier for us to digest now.

Let’s just hope ses uses a ponytail holder the next time she facedives into a bowl of fried chicken.


alrighty then.

Jim Carey’s 22 year old daughter popped out a lil sucker she named Jackson Riley Santana.

I didn’t even know the guy had a daughter. Apparently she’s in a band called The Jane Carey Band (so original) and married some dude called Nitro in a band called Blood Money.

I feel like I’m writing about an upcoming concert and not the welcoming of a baby.

Anyways, I just can’t get over the fact that Jenny McCarthy is a freaking Grandma.

I’ll bet you she’s just happy she won’t have to pop out anymore of her own, no way she wants her vag to stretch out like Jim Carey’s face in The Mask.




NAACP Image Awards.

The BIG winner of the night at the NAACP Image Awards was undeniably Precious. That Gabourey Sidibe is so cute and totally deserves to be in the SPOTLIGHT

Check out the PICS from the event:


the perfect girlfriend.

Ever wonder why Reggie Bush doesn’t seem to let the RUMORS of cheating and sh*t bother him?

It works out to his advantage, because when Kim is too BUSY pimping out her various products, that really doesn’t leave her much to TEND to her man.

Whereas, Mi Yu can fit in a good head MASSAGE right after her lunch break… 

And ya’ll were hating on em…


I got no problem showing off my cellulite. Because I’m a man.


Somebody’s weave is about to get pulled the f*ck out.

Janice Dickinson, who NEVER has anything BAD to say about anyone recently let the little thing slip…

Via AOL, Speaking on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man, the catty woman said: “I made [America’s Next Top Model] a hit. Can you imagine for five seasons just sitting next to Miss Tyra Banks and listening to her go off? You could land a helicopter on her forehead. It’s huge.”

Janice admitted she got the boot from the show after calling Tyra “fat”.

She continued: “She was huge! [Her legs] are huge. Well, she’s a big woman. I used to think she was a man, I kept looking for… I was always looking, thinking, ‘Something isn’t right here’.”


The only reason Janice was looking for SOMETHING was to compare it with her own.

Because there’s NOTHING off about her at ALL.



I can’t see her! Robert De Niro is in the way!

So these HOARDES of Paparazzi aren’t clamouring over themselves in their Crocs to get a money shot of Jennifer Aniston, or Robert Pattinson.

No folks.

They’re actually out there to get a GLIMPSE of the MEGASTAR Audrina f*cking Patridge. Who is best known for her role The Hills where she’s constantly starting conversations with the ceiling.

I get the hype.

I mean who knows!? Maybe she’ll be with her highly coveted friends like Stephanie Pratt or, oh I dunno, a plastic bag.

Because that’s how unnecessary this is.

And just to PROVE how much I don’t care about what she’s wearing that day, or where she’s shopping, or who she’s dating, here’s a couple hundred pictures that do just that.




Snooki posted a pic of herself on meeting with Wendy Williams’ huge ass chest recently…

It seems that Wendy’s taut torpedos seems to have blow Snooki’s pouff off her head.

B*tch looks like a whole ‘nother person. Her face even looks kinda cute. Her head mustve got squeezed between those things hard enough for most of her makeup to come off.

But it’s a good look.

God bless you Wendy.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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