Michael. Say it ain’t so.

Tiffany Bromley, Michael Buble’s model turned wigmaker (what the?) is clenching her clip-ons in frusteration over the CHURCH boy persona of the singer, and is revealing some pretty effed up sh*t to the News of the World.

Because she has nothing to be JEALOUS over right?

Anyways, she’s claiming that Buble only cares about 3 things: sex, cannabis, and cake.

B*tch ain’t ever watched a Lil Wayne video? Or welcomed new neighbor’s to town?

She told them,

“It was part of Michael’s routine to smoke late at night. Then he always got hungry. He’d raid the hotel mini-bar and eat three or four Snickers bars in one go – plus pistachios, peanuts, sweets and liquorice. He had an enormous appetite. He was quite immature too and threw schoolboy tantrums at people if he didn’t get his own way. We had several rows where he’d blow up over nothing then he crawl back like a weak, whimpering child, saying something like, ‘Sorry, I’m an asshole.”

I can’t quite see him caressing Lil Debbie while crooning out Come Fly With Me, but who doesn’t sing a little song after finding the perfect munchies?

You know he’s dreaming of lighting up a fat one and making love to a Twinkie right here.

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