would you hit it?

I mean not LITERALLY. Violence is NEVER the answer boys, and GIRLS

Apparently athletes, specifically BASEBALL players are hittin a lot more than the BALL lately.

The New York Times claims that:

Last weekend may have been about the Saints and the Colts, but Jets heartthrob Mark Sanchez still managed to steal one show in Miami. Our snowbird spy says the quarterback had lots of ladies fawning over him at a Maxim bash at the Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, but Sanchez had eyes for only one gal: “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari.

“He was definitely all about Kristin,” the source dishes. “They even left together at the end of the night.”

K Cav knows what’s up.

B*tch doesn’t wanna fade into obscurity once The Jersey Shore crew scam all her viewers, the BEST way to stay relevant for her of course, is to BONE an athlete.

Or get naked.

Whatever works.

LC is Soooooo gonna be pissed at Lo.

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