But Oompa Loompas can’t diet!


Oompa Loompas are such LOVEABLE creatures SOLELY because of their UNFORTUNATE lack of both height, and physical attributes…

So, will someone PLEASE tell Snooki that in order for her to KEEP her FANS (I know right?) she must not attempt to run, bounce, fist pump, or grind her way to her apparent last year figure?

She posted a couple PICS of herself as MOTIVATION to get into shape on Twitter a couple of days ago. I mean, it wasn’t to get ATTENTION whatsoever.

Not only do these PICS make me wanna SLAP myself in the face for thinking that she looked kinda cute back then, but they also kinda CONFIRM that bi*tch released those NEKKID pics of herself…

That would EXPLAIN it, considering she looked like a delicious golden Cream Puff toasted to perfection this past season of The Jersey Shore

Oops, wrong PICTURE.

Much better.


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