oh no he di-didn’t…

Here’s some HARDHITTING news.

Sammi “Sweetheart” and Ronnie from The Jersey Shore are APPARENTLY not dating anymore and it’s not because Ronnie had been fondling his calf muscles more than his girlfriend.

“Ronnie and Sammi aren’t dating anymore, and they don’t want to do any public appearances together because they can’t even stand being in a room together,” a source tells Radar Online.

They were also SLATED to do a meet and greet with some desperate FANS in Toronto and Chicago a couple weeks ago but missed the appearances because they didn’t want to be in the same room together in fear of MAKING up and then BREAKING up every 5 minutes or so…

I wouldn’t doubt that they’ll be groping each other OFF camera on this 2nd season of The Jersey Douches in South Beach.

I have to GIVE it to the GUIDOS. This has to be a HYPE plan that was hatched late one night in Snooki’s dank headquarters in Joisey.

That b*tch has more TRICKS hidden in her pouff than a common hooker has on her payroll.

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