There’s no room for your fat and my big ego.

When will little sister Kimmy K come to Kourtney’s rescue by using that ass to BUMP Kourtney’s douchey Babydaddy out of the Kardashian famewagon?

Sh*t is just getting out of CONTROL, only because we keep hearing about this GREASY modern day Willy Wonka lookalike.

Apparently Kourtney feels somewhat trapped when she’s in the same ROOM as this dude’s huge ass EGO, and her friends are saying that the CHEATING rumors might not be so farfetched after all.

“Kourtney resents Scott for his behavior,” says a friend. “They fight about almost everything when they’re together.”

In addition to looking like he has a d*ck up his ass at all times, he picks on his Baby’s Mama for not being able to LOSE the baby weight and that,

“From what I’ve seen, Scott doesn’t really hold the baby,” an observer spills. “When Kourtney has needed help, she has had to ask, and Scott appeared to give her crap about it. He acts like it is a huge hassle if he has to do anything like put down his phone to hold the baby.”

Well sh*t yeah.

Can you image what would happen to his $50 dollar suit if he had to say, hunch over in it?

I banish this TOOL to wear K Fed’s sweatpants circa 2001.

That’s enough of a PUNISHMENT for him.

 Yeah f*cker. You heard me.

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