Jennifer Love Brewster.

Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to dress up as an 80’s brat for her 31st Birthday this year.

Looks like someone shat Forever 21 all over her…

I still don’t get why girls think that chunky sneakers, cankle warmers, and equally eccentric crap is on par with what they wore in the 80’s.

I wore sweatsuits from KMart. Not dayglo underwear. That was the early 90’s. Get it right b*tches.

I’m not afraid to admit that I wore leapord pink framed glasses, told people I was engaged to Zack Morris, and slapped those f*ckers with a snap bracelet if they dared to tell me otherwise.

And for Jennifer Love?

Don’t think Lady Gaga’s hairpiece is doing anything to DISTRACT people from this little TIDBIT:

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