La Lopez really needs a “backup plan…”

So Sony Music Epic has pulled the plush carpeting out from under Jennifer Lopez’ ass by DROPPING her from the label.

Apparently it was mutual, but the VISUAL was just too thought PROVOKING to let go of…

Benny Medina, her manager CONFIRMED the BREAKUP

“Jennifer had a wonderful relationship with the Sony Music group, and they have shared many successes together, but the time was right to make a change that best serves the direction her career as an actress and recording artist. She is grateful and appreciative to everyone Sony for all that they accomplished together.”

Her 7th album, Love? was supposed to DROP this April but has been SHELVED for the time being, collecting dust along with Marc Anthony’s 5lb dumbells.

She’ll still be HOSTING SNL this coming Saturday, with nothing to promote because her movie, “The Backup Plan” has been pushed back as well.

All she needs to do is inject some Botox into that ass and throw on a catsuit and the stars will align once again.

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