Million dollar chick?

What the?!

Apparently the ring Mike Comrie PROPOSED to Hilary Duff with is worth approx. $ 1 mellionnnnn dollars

E! states:

Hilary Duff’s NHL-playing fiancé, Mike Comrie, knows how to give good ice.   A source close to the Edmonton Oilers center, 29, tells us that the engagement ring he gave the former Disney star, 22, cost—gulp—$1 million.

The source tells us that Comrie bought the14-karat princess-cut sparkler in Las Vegas. After two years of dating, Comrie popped the question while he and Duff were on a recent vacation in Hawaii.

Hey this girl is as great as the next one, but A MILLION BUCKS? What the?!


She MUST be doing something extra special. Something that make a man somehow COME to the thought of cashing in on such a pricey rock for…

Oh right.

Time to purchase some sturdy knee pads girls.



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