Baffled? me too.

Entourage hottie, Adrien Grenier might get all the random ass on set, but off set the only random ass he sees offset is when Kevin Dillion begs him to hang out so he doesn’t fall from obscurity.

Whoever was sent to write this juicy bit of news was either a dude who was moved to tears when Kevin Smith was kicked off of Southwest for being too fat, or some chick whose FANMAIL gets threatened to be sent to the FBI.

“Adrian Grenier doesn’t have as easy a time getting girls in real life as his character, Vinnie Chase, does on “Entourage.” We hear that the HBO star was flirting with SuperTrash designer and Dutch television personality Olcay Gulsen while at a Heineken party at 230 Fifth Ave. earlier this week. When Grenier asked for her number, Gulsen gave it to him — but she changed one digit. A source told us, “She gave him the wrong number to play hard to get.”

This b*tch is either DYSLEXIC or doesn’t know a stitch of English.

She should forever be BANISHED from the United States of America, because ever PATRIOTIC hoe in the States who comes into contact with a GUY who even claims to be in a commercial knows an opportunity when they see it.

Just carrying out the duties of an UPSTANDING citizen.

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