Somebody give Chris Brown a campaign deal…

Bravo you f*cktard.

Chris Brown is the LAST person who needs to associate himself with ANY kind of sport that involves HITTING sh*t.

E! News reports,

“My hat goes off to him,” Chris says. “I support him. I hope he gets back on the field and does his thing because he is the best at it.”
But the chatter doesn’t stop there. Without prodding, Rihanna’s ex-beau, a self-proclaimed non-troublemaker, offers a comparison to their current dramatic plights.
“I think people always deserve a second chance,” he says. “I know my fans gave me a second chance and people gave me a second chance.”
In Brown’s mind, it’s all about what you do in public, not behind closed doors.
“Whatever his personal life is–and I think this goes for me and him–his personal life is his personal life. Nobody has the right to place judgment or make any judgment on somebody else’s personal life when they’re not directly involved with them,” he continues. “He plays golf. That’s his sport, that’s his hobby, that’s his love, that’s what people love him for. They don’t love him for the other stuff that they talk about. Even with me, I do music, I sing songs, I’m an entertainer, I’m a performer. But people make mistakes.”

Slap a b*tch, sing a song. Slap a b*tch, sing a song.

We love you Chris.


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