Oh that Bertha. What a cad.

I hardly miss an episode of Two And A Half Men, no matter how many times Charlie Sheen lands himself in the drunk tank or gets accused for beating up his girlfriend.

That guy is obviously getting what’s coming to him, but Jon Cryer? Leave him the f*ck alone. The only wrong he’s ever done is not match is pyjamas to his slippers.

So when he was CLAIMING that his carazy ex wife was trying to kill him he wasn’t f*cking around…

TMZ reports:

“According to documents filed in the custody battle between Cryer and ex-wife Sarah Trigger, Trigger’s lawyer claims on December 21, 2009, Trigger told her that her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, had said he was going to kill Cryer and Trigger’s estranged husband, David Dickey.
Trigger’s lawyer became so alarmed she contacted lawyers for both Cryer and Dickey. On January 10, Dickey confronted Sanchez. According to legal docs, “Mr. Sanchez not only flatly denied making such a statement, but he said that it was [Sarah Trigger] who had contacted him on numerous occasions, stating that she wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead, and even asking Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the pair, or if he would not, inquiring whether she could speak with Mr. Sanchez’s father about this issue.”
According to Cryer’s declaration, he notified Warner Bros. security on January 15. Cryer also states his co-star requested that “we do not film in front of a live audience.” The documents do not ID the co-star but presumably it’s Charlie Sheen.”


Needless to say the co star was Charlie Sheen. He was probably so f*cked up he had thought Denise Richards had finally come to get her revenge.

Now that’s a b*tch that would knife you in the gut and join the studio audience in laughing at Bertha’s sarcastic antics.

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