what a buzz kill…

After the Canadian women’s hockey team skated all over the US team yesterday they whipped off their bras, grabbed some beer and burped out the Canadian anthem all the while prancing around on the ice…

The US no doubt was jealous of the medal, but more jealous of the fact that these b*tches know how to party.

The International Olympic Committee, AKA (buzzkills) weren’t that STOKED on the fact that these girls were puff puffing and guzzling brewskis while on the ice, and are determined to handle that sh*t.

The International Olympic Committee will investigate the behavior of the Canadian women’s hockey players who celebrated their gold medal at the Vancouver Games by drinking alcohol on the ice.


I seriously see no thrill in going up against 15 or so butch 140lb women who will really really put a stick up your ass if you come near their medal.

Case in point…

Chick #3. No way b*tch is going down without a fight.

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