the butt boy rarely gets noticed…

Unless you’re a walking Greek God like Jesus Luz, don’t expect to get noticed for being a butt boy

Nick Cannon needs to shut his mouth and just hurry up and do as he was asked – pick up Mariah’s control pantyhose, Organic niblets for her Dogs and Goldbond for his hands after he comes home to massage her feet.

Butt Boy had a SHOCKING revelation that yes, he’s only known for being Mr. Carey, recently at the GYM when some lady came up to him because she thought she recognized him from somewhere.

It was probably from the time he got invited to the Golden Globes, only to hold his wife’s umbrella.

Via The New York Daily News,

“Nick Cannon isn’t recognized for much these days – except for being Mariah Carey’s hubby. The actor-turned-deejay was working out at Tribeca Health and Fitness on Friday when a fellow gym-goer approached and asked, “You’re Nick Cannon, aren’t you? I loved you in …” But the lass drew a blank on anything Mimi’s man had appeared in.

Mr. Carey, er, Cannon nervously laughed it off as the embarrassed lady attempted to apologize.”

The last thing I saw this guy do other than flit around MiMi like he was her annoying KID brother was appear in Drumline

He was dressed up like the Lil Drummer Boy half the time so really, if I were him I’d quietly ask IMDB to remove him from their database completely.





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