snooki kinda killed someone. and it wasn’t because of her looks…

Like no one saw this coming…

According to Radar Online, everyone’s favorite little Pylon was charged with hustling booze to underage kids at her parties, for tanning money.

5 hour long sessions can cost a b*tch a handfull ya’ll…

“Snooki was one of three people charged in connection with the 2004 death of teenager Michael Truncali, a RadarOnline.com investigation revealed.
The Marlboro High School senior died with a blood alcohol level of .18 — more than twice the legal limit — when he rolled his Mazda in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning after drinking for hours at Snooki’s house.
Truncali had been drinking heavily in the basement of Snooki’s home before crashing his car on his way home. After a several month investigation, Snooki was charged with Prohibited Sale of Alcoholic Beverages, as authorities said she charged a fee for alcohol

Marlboro Police Chief Stephen Fajfer said police found Helen Polizzi was home during the course of the party.
“She cooperated,” Fajfer said about the investigation that began in 2004 and lasted several months. “She came in willingly and spoke to us several times about the incident.”
When RadarOnline.com approached Helen Polizzi at her home in New York this week, she refused to comment without an attorney being present.”

I really didn’t expect much regarding RESPONSIBILITY from someone who shows the tan lines on her butt cheeks to RANDOM dudes on the boardwalk.

Also, I suggest you go back and read the report again, because I know you’re still picturing Snooki as a Pylon.



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