liar, liar, pants on…firecrotch…

Nothing like a “celebrity” acting a FOOL to make you feel a bit better about yourself no?

Even if it IS Lindsay LOLohan. She pretty much makes anyone who showers on a daily basis feel like a f*cking Rockstar.

Anyways, according to BBC’s The Telegraph she might be BANNED from India for falsely claiming that she had RESCUED 40 children as a humanitarian effort.

Yeah, didn’t know that teaching little girls how to hide pills in a can of Fanta nominated you for UN Ambassador. But okay.

Hollywood actress and model Lindsay Lohan could be blacklisted by the Indian government following her trip to the country last December when she falsely claimed she had rescued 40 child workers.

The Mean Girls star had arrived in India to film an expose of child labour and trafficking of women which was later broadcast on BBC3, but she provoked a row when she claimed to have personally rescued 40 children. But according to activists leading the raids, Ms Lohan did not arrive in India until after the raids had been completed and the children had been rescued.

Now she may not be able to visit India again after officials looked at her case and found she had failed to apply for a work visa for her trip.

Senior civil servants in New Delhi are now studying the case and will rule on whether her name will be added to an immigration blacklist.

Immediately after this was published, immigration to India from America skyrocketed.

The reason is yet to be disclosed.


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