britney want baby.

Rumor is that Brit Brit is looking to have another baby. Someone needs to tell her that they don’t just fall out like crumbs from of a bag of Cheetos.

Via the National Inquirer,

“Britney Spears and agent Jason Trawick might mend their split before you take you next breath (ed. note: rumor is they’re already back together after their recent breakup) because there’s still a lotta love there, say insiders — and the bump in the road that crashed them was Britney’s pleas for a Jason-induced baby bump. After endless heart-to-heart discussions, the romance unraveled when he finally put the kibosh on her obsessive desire to birth a baby together. Jason, the showbiz genius who orchestrated Brit’s smash “Circus” comeback tour, felt her career was building to even higher heights and pregnancy might bring their well-oiled star-making machine to a grinding halt.

Said an insider: “Jason felt Britney was still learning how to control her life and be a hands-on mom to sons Sean and Jayden. He told her he was in their relationship for the long haul, and there was ample time for a baby once Britney’s life was truly on an even keel. But their back-and-forth about a baby generated tension that turned unbearable.”

Considering that the National Inquirer is hardly considered a hard hitting journalistic publication, I doubt this is true.

Well, hoping actually. It’s hard enough for Britney to feed herself without getting her face all mucked up. Just imagine what she’d do to a baby.

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