hand me my wig bennison.


So Nick Cannon’s friends are HECKLING him for dressing like Mariah’s personal ass kisser errand boy.

Get a load of this…(after your laughter subsides over him actually having friends that is)…

Via Janet Charlton’s Hollywood,

Nick Cannon’s friends are teasing him because he doesn’t look like the same person since he married Mariah Carey. He used to wear jeans and sneakers, hip hop clothes etc. Now he’s always wearing dark suits, white shirts, and often ties. (Mariah picks out his clothes) His buddies told him “You Look like a BUTLER!” They notice that Nick watches Mariah’s every move for SIGNALS and he jumps to fulfill her need. “He looks like an eager employee who’s grateful to have his job!” His friends want Nick to “man up” but he’s content the way things are.”

Um, besides the fact that he probably arranges toilet paper into crisp white Swans before he wipes her ass, I see where he’s going with this act…

I’d dress up like a fu*king singing, dancing ape too if it meant I could have the keys to the Bentley.

No not you Nick! I meant Bentley as in the vehicle. I do not need my food cut up. Sit down.

1 Response to “hand me my wig bennison.”

  1. April 5, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    Why is it that when a man settles into finally growing up and is married to another star who is just as settled as he is; that he suddenly becomes not himself. I think it is ridiculous that there are so many haters in this world on what should be and what shouldn’t be. Honestly if more people concentrate on their own lives and stop minding others, this world may be a decent place again. Nick Cannon was a star in his own right before he married a singer. He made his own money and he stood strong as he is doing right now. The only thing that changed about him is that he has come into his own person and is older now.

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