another event sponsored by clearblue…

Michael Lohan just got ENGAGED to that girl over there jumping up and down in front of the Salvation Army, whatshername, Kate Major, Major Idiot, whatever…

Finally all that time spent dressing up like a Fox News reporter before bed have PAID off. Look out Ed Hardy, here she comes.

Via US Weekly,

“Lohan says he was waiting for the “situation with Lindsay to resolve” before announcing the engagement. He has been encouraging his troubled daughter to enter rehab.
“[Two weeks ago], I went down to Florida with Kate to visit her dad. I was in a hot tub with her dad at their house, and I said, ‘There’s something we have to talk about.’ He said, ‘Oh my God, don’t tell me Kate’s pregnant!'” Lohan jokes. “I told him I was looking at the future, and I wanted to make it formal and take it to the next level. After that, he approved, then Kate and I discussed it and she discussed it with her dad.”

These fools can do whatever the Hell they want with each other. Just don’t PROCREATE.

I suggest Planned Parenthood gets together to fill up a 300 lb CONGRATULATIONS basket filled with condoms and phamplets as to why idiots should refrain from making babies.



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