Um, considering this b*tch looks like one of the extras from the Thriller video when she’s dancing, I doubt she looks all that great when she’s trying to get it on either.

She obviously has no clue because apparently she’s trying her HARDEST to pursue The ENGAGED Bachelor, Jake Pavleka. Yes, because from all the random sex he’s had, he was really wanting to bone a woman with an UDDER.

Via the National Enquirer,

“Kate is totally unfazed by the fact that [ex-Bachelor Jake Pavelka] is engaged, and she’s making it clear that they could have a future,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “Kate’s got a big ego and an even bigger crush on Jake, and she doesn’t care who knows it.”

“Kate’s never looked better, so she feels she could snare a hot guy like Jake,” another source divulged. “She also believes all’s fair in love and war. Since Jake isn’t married yet, she thinks he’s fair game.

Yes Kate, your track record consists of being with men who can’t take care of children because they’re too busy wiping spit from their own chins, so yes, Jake is “fair game.”


The only good that could come out of this (if it were EVER possible) is that watching DTWS would be a lot more entertaining when the scores are revealed for her MANEATING antics.

I’d at least give her a 2 for thinking that she still has a v*gina.

You know, on second thought, Jake would make a great father figure to her 8 kids considering all the experience he has trying to QUIET sputtering, screaming little things from The Bachelor.

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