mario lopez is the perfect boyfriend…

only if you keep your BODY FAT under 3% that is, if not he’ll put you through TRAINING so rigorous that after seeing all the blood, sweat & tears you’ll start thinking you’re dating Chris fu*cking Brown

Via Fox,

“Mario Lopez is so body-obsessed, he persuaded his beautiful girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, to undergo rigorous personal training and encouraged surgery to get her into even better shape. Sources say friends of Mazza are concerned that the image-conscious n”Extra” host started nudging her to perfect her already amazing looks once they got together. They met in 2008 while appearing together in the Broadway revival of “A Chorus Line” and started dating the next year when Mazza moved to Burbank, Calif. nShe’s expecting their baby in September.

One source told us, “Mario is obsessed with his image. He spends a lot of time working out, and he expects his girlfriend to do the same. Even his new book is called ‘Extra Lean.’


“Courtney was engaged to a guy in Queens before she met Mario, but once they got together she dropped everything to go to California and be with him,” the source said. “He encouraged her to work out with a trainer every day. She underwent a boob job and liposuction last spring. Once her body was perfect, he arranged for them to be photographed on a beach.”

Wow. This idiot needs to be put in his place. By Kirstie Alley. Instead of her undergoing plastic surgery, he’d be undergoing a COLON cleanse after she stuffs his a**hole full of chocolate donuts.

I’d love to see him do a weighted SQUAT after that.



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