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Kristin Cavallari doing hard sh*t like getting her hair and nails done…


nice try.

The Jersey Shore Guidettes are in the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar trying to act like proper ladies, which, can I say is a huge mindf*ck in itself. I’m honestly so frazzled that I think I might have to take the day off, have some hot tea and just go lie down…

Really?! Who do they think they’re trying to FOOL?

We all know that J Woww is just dying to put her tube top back on and go grind on the photographer, and Sammi Sweetheart probably just came back from blubbering away in the washoom about how Ronniejust doesn’t get it and how he keeps making her sad.”

Snooki on the other hand is having a f*cking blast just counting the amount of comped tanning sessions she can get with this gig. And I’m going out on a limb here by thinking that she can actually count, so I hope she doesn’t let me down.

(Not gonna lie, this 2nd picture throws me off a little because they look so LADYLIKE.

(Again, don’t be fooled my friends, refer to the above comments).



Rihanna cheers on new BEAU Matt Kemp at the Dodgers game yesterday…

Cheering not only for him, but for the sweet ass she was probably gonna get afterwards.




Omigod. She must TOTALLY get her nickname because she goes through guys like, faster than Paris Hilton goes through underwear. I mean, like, if she wore any…OMG.

Via the National Enquirer,

Taylor Swift is racking up boyfriends as fast as she’s racking up music awards! The country cutie’s latest beau is Glee star Cory Monteith, but The Enquirer has learned that Taylor is three-timing the Canadian actor with exes Taylor Lautner and John Mayer!

“Taylor can’t make up her mind about which guy she wants to be with,” revealed an insider.

The 20-year-old beauty broke up with wolf-boy Lautner late last year because of their busy schedules, then started seeing Mayer. Taylor, however, tossed him to the curb when her mom Andrea gave John the thumbs down – and that’s when she connected with Cory.

“But Taylor is still carrying a torch for Lautner and Mayer – so she’s seeing all three guys behind their backs,” divulged the insider. “It’s out of control.”

How can you see 3 guys behind their backs in Hollywood in the first place?? Unless you can conjur up some insanely stealthy disguise like Charlie Sheen in the previous post, you’re f*cked.

Anyways, I love T Swift. She’s just so like, cute and bouncy. I just didn’t know that she’s slept with those chicks. The ones on those Unplanned Pregnancy brochures? You know. Lindsay, Paris, Jessica, Britney, whoever…

She needs to put that in a song.

Romeo took me to a place where I have neverrrrrr beeeeeen.

Didn’t know so many girls have been on  yourrrrr ____.

C’mon. I’m not that vulgar.

(Just make sure you sing that to the tune of Love Story)





The Game (Feat Pharrell) – It Must Be Me

Ciara (Feat Ludacris) – Ride

Akon – Her Shoes

Lil Kim – Sex Toy

B.O.B. – Airplanes

Nu Jerzey Devil – Fresh Like

YG – Relax

Alicia Keys (Feat Loyd) – Unthinkable

Rick Ross (Feat Ne Yo) – Super High

Chris Brown – Turnt Up

Shyne (Feat Rihanna) – Rude Boy Remix

Curren$y (Feat Nate Dogg) – Let’s Get It Crackin

Lil Wayne (Feat Trina) – Don’t Trip

Lil Wayne – Unknow

Jody Breeze – Welcome To The Future

Nu Jerzey Devil (Feat The Game, Tone Trump & Ya Boy) – Fresh Like

Kid Cudi – Follow Me

Rock City – Blown Away

Olivia (Feat Drake) – Control

Young Buck – Eviction Notice

T Pain – Kiss Her

Young Jeezy – Jealous

Fabolous – The Wake

Young Chop & Young Money – Every Gurl

Gucci Mane (Feat Rick Ross) – Do This Sh*t Again

Kid Cudi – That Girl

Drake (Feat Gucci Mane) – Paper Rake Up

Drake (Feat The Dream) – Shut It Down

Devin The Dude – Where Ya At

Lil Wayne (Feat Drake) – Never Gets Boring

Detail (Feat Lil Wayne) – Tattoo Foreva

Tommy Gunn – Me & You Lady

Gyptian (Feat Nicki Minaj) – Hold Yuh

Young Gee (Feat Maino) – According To My Swagger

P.A. (Feat Jim Jones) – So I Hit It

G. Austin – Bad As She Wanna Be

Kurupt (Feat Snoop Dogg) – I’m Burnt

Bruno Mars – Move On

Teairra Mari – Goody Bag




Holly Madison at throwing out the pitch at the Las Vegas 51s game.

Okay, this MIGHT seem like a stupid question to the rest of you, but really, who knew that Vegas had a baseball team??


Eek. LOVES her.


picture of the day.

Must. Never. Wear. Pleated. Dress.


because tiger really needs something else to distract him from the game..

Elle magazine feels the need to EMPOWER women to prance around in their birthday suits, so they’ve invited a couple of A-D Listers to take off their tops for their annual NUDE issue and make fat girls want to slit their wrists with pages from their magazine…

 I dunno, I think it’s somewhat of a good message to release inhibitions and go au natural sometimes, but I also don’t weigh 300lbs.




Michelle Bombshelter McGee has a NEWS FLASH for ya’ll. She’s even stopped filming her 3rd installment of Nazi porn featuring a cardboard cutout of Adolf himself.

So please stop what you’re DOING and pay full attention to what she has to say:

“I want to say to the rest of the country, ‘Stop taking it out on the mistresses and start taking it out on the men who are cheating on their wives,’ ” McGee told Inside Edition. “Why are these men getting off scot free while the mistresses are considered whores, and we’re stepped on and we’re booed and we’re called nasty names?”
“It’s the man’s responsibility, they’re the ones in the marriage, they need to keep their vows. It’s very easy to say, ‘You know what I’m a married man.’ They can easily walk away,” McGee said.


Why don’t we blame the men? I mean they’re not being forced into sticking it in seductive looking ex strippers with White Trash tattooed onto their legs.

Not like mistresses say they’ll keep it a SECRET either.

Yes. Let’s just blame the men.





Tila TeKILLya literally TROLLING around at Howard Stern’s Sirius radio show.

Someone step on this b*tch already…

Who you callin a TWIT?

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