heidi montag, oh wise one…

Apparently Lady Gaga is unhappy with her body.

Well, you would be too when you had to keep your pe*nis from falling out of your bodysuit.

Via The Showbiz Spy,

“According to Britain’s Now magazine, the Bad Romance singer — whose real name is Stefani Germanotta — is feeling so down about herself, she’s planning to go under the knife in a desperate bid to beat her depression.

“She’s desperately unhappy but keeps talking about having thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. She really thinks that could fix everything. She’s in a really bad way right now. She puts up such a guard that no one ever really knows what she’s feeling. She thinks she looks too manly and spends hours looking at herself.

“She’s thinking about a whole host of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, cheek implants, boob job and thigh and bum lift. She’s completely preoccupied with overhauling her looks. Everyone’s worried about her and is begging her to take a break and get some perspective and work on her self-confidence. She could be relaxing, but she won’t slow down.”

Poor Gaga. No wonder she dresses up as creature’s that only James Cameron can get turned on by.



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