Mariah carey is acting demure.

Mariah’s a DIVA. No sh*t. That’s about as clear as Heidi Montag being a Barbie obsessed BIMBO.

So I still don’t understand why people are SHOCKED when sh*t like this comes out:

Via The Smoking Gun,

“…the bubbly has been replaced with a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon and her dressing room is outfitted with two dozen white roses  and vanilla aromatherapy candles. As for the furniture in her “living room space,” Carey wants “no busy patterns; black, dark grey, cream, dark pink are all fine.” It is unclear what kind of negative effect plaid or tartan seating would have on the 41-year-old’s performance. Carey’s room “should be about 75 degrees,” and a “lamp or clip light” should be provided so that “harsh lighting may be turned off” in her backstage bathroom.”

As someone who has followed Mariah’s career since she weighed about 99lbs lighter (that means YOU, Nick Cannon) I find this demeaning to her.

Where the f*ck are the requests for white leapords dancing in pink tutus, Hello Kitty crystal chandeliers and that guy whose always around to wipe her ass after going to the washroom?

Oh? Nick was busy ironing his Monkey Suit? Ahh, now it all makes sense.

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