heidi montag is a crackhead.

Okay, she’s not, but she’s addicted to PAINKILLERS, and picturing a crackhead with boobs the size of 2 grocery bags filled with pork rinds is amusing to me…

Via InTouch,

“She isn’t all there when you speak to her.” According to a medical source, doctors would have prescribed painkillers such as Demerol, Vicodin and Percocet to Heidi after she had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day in November. “She said she was in so much pain — at times it was unbearable,” the pal says. “She had to keep taking pills, or else it would have been too hard to handle.”
But some friends worry that she continued to take drugs long after the pain went away. And they think the pills may be responsible for the Hills star’s bizarre behavior.

Call me crazy but this b*tch was pretty GONE even before her transformation. I actually figured she did this to match the size of her brain. I mean Barbie’s kinda small, sure she was a surgeon, nurse, officer of the peace, and a nun, but she had a small brain nonetheless.

Heidi’s decision to downgrade herself to match the size of her brain might have been the most considerate thing she’s done in her lifetime.

“See mama, Heidi did a good.

“A what honey?”

“A good.”

“Sorry what?”

“Mama, my jaw is locked real tight remember.”


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