i have no other choice…

(Insert Lo Bosworth OMG here___________).

Poor Heidi.

In recent revelations of Spencer Pratt’s sh*tcrazy ramblings, she’s just so damn frightened for her life that she’s decided to get bigger t*ts.

She feels that the ONLY way to close him out is to enhance her already HUGE rack so that he won’t be able to approach her because of the enormity of it all.

Have you ever tried hugging someone with t*ts pushing into you like torpedos? I think not.

Via Life & Style,

“I try to stop her,” Spencer tells Life & Style. “She wants her doctor to come over once a week to plump up her lips. I keep telling her that they’re big enough and that she doesn’t need it.”
So what put her over the edge? Spencer tells Life & Style about an off-the-cuff remark from Ryan Seacrest during a visit to his LA radio station on April 5 that shattered Heidi’s world. “When Heidi entered the studio, Ryan told her that her breasts didn’t look that big to him,” Spencer, who was standing just a few feet from his wife at the time, says. Although Ryan’s comment was clearly meant to compliment Heidi and calm any preshow jitters she may have had before her early morning interview, his words took on a twisted meaning in her mind. “She was taken aback,” Spencer says. “She came home in shock.”


We all make fun of this chick, but in all honesty, the poor girl is trying her hardest to come up with tactics to save her life. It’s hard when you have the people over at  Mattel hollowing out your brain and melting it down to make fake va*inas.


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