what a loser…

Apparently Halle Berry used to think that her now ex-Boyfriend, Gabriel Aubrey was a “loser.”

Uhh, he banged you for how long…? I think he’s kinda falls into the category of WINNER just for that alone…

Via US Weekly,

When Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry announced they’d split after four years of dating, they insisted the breakup was amicable. But sources close to the former couple tell the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands Wednesday, that their parting followed months of bitter bickering behind closed doors.

Even though True Religion model Aubry, 34, raked in an estimated $700,000 a year, Berry focused on his career disappointments, including his failed Cuban eatery, Cafe Fuego, in NYC, which opened in 2006 and closed less than two years later.

“Halle called him a loser,” a source tells Us. “She’d rub it in his face that she’s an Oscar-winning actress and he’s just a model. He couldn’t take it anymore.”

So sad.

The trials & tribulations of the rich and beautiful.

Kinda reminds me of most of my exes, except they were ugly losers. And I wasn’t an A List actress. But I was in a school play in like Grade 4, and I’m beautiful, so that counts.

I’ll challenge anyone who fails to think so.


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