jockin sasquatch’s swagger…

Kelis likes fur.

Either that or she has body issues and feels that the only way she’ll ever overcome them is by enveloping herself in fur. Because it’s kinda hard to skin Kate Moss.

Kelis to MTV,

“I got a letter from PETA about this, which is strange, because I’ve worn way more fur than I had on this day. But for some reason, they figured they were going to mention it, which was stupid. I honestly, I mean, this was a pretty regular day. [Laughing.] It was freezing, first of all… I love that hat, I bought in Russia… I wrote back to PETA because I feel like ‘Who on earth are you to tell me about what I wear?’ Quite frankly, I find them completely hypocritical, and I was reading something about how they euthanize 97% of the cats and dogs and animals that are brought to them. Just, completely hypocritical. I think anyone who feels the need to protest about someone else… it’s just completely insane to me…. I couldn’t care less about what they think of me and my fur hat. I just find it funny that this is the photo, the day… I mean, I would have fur walls if I could. I’m a complete carnivore. And people who don’t wear it and don’t want to, it’s fine. I don’t have any judgments about them.”

The only walls she should be contemplating on having are ones that are stark white, and padded.

Crazy b*tch.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest she likes it in the a**.

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