tila tequila is a celebrity.

This little midget must be losing her shirt  SH*T in excitement right now.

Apparently she’s being classified as an actual “celebrity,” even though it’s the kind that go to rehab.

See. Little people can make it too.

Via TMZ,

“Tila Tequila is finally seeking professional help — TMZ has confirmed nthrough multiple sources that the bisexual reality star has committed to do the next season of VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” … if it doesn’t get canceled first.

It’s unclear what personal demon Tila will try to conquer with the help of Dr. Drew — but it certainly won’t be her addiction to attention.

But there’s one major catch — as we previously reported — VH1 is having problems finding other “celebrities” to rehabilitate … and if they don’t find a cast quick, the show could be killed. So far, no word on who else the show has its sights set on.”

Apparently her “demon” is Ambien, because she claims to be addicted to it. Really? I thought it was an addiction to leaving the house in Barbie’s panties. Or having sex while on her period?

F*cking Ambien?

I have like, a candy necklace made of those things.

Yeah, yeah. Like that.

Except they’re pills. But I mean Skittles make you happy, and these make you sleepy.

You say pill, I say candy. Tomato, tomahto.

Get off my back.



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