it’s not over till the fat lady sings…

Well in her case the “till the fat lady sings” would be replaced with “till she hits some bad coke,” but a saying is a saying….

Via X17 Online,

Lindsay Lohan may have more movie options than people think … and the latest offer is a starring role in The Dry Gulch Kid, alongside the legendary Willie Nelson. The movie revolves around a character who has found a pond he believes has hallucinogenic powers. This character leads others to these magical waters, including a female army lieutenant, and he finds himself in love with her.

Kerry Wallum of Luck Films — the company co-owned by Nelson that’s producing the film — tells X17online exclusively that Lohan is being offered the role as Lt. Peterson, a character described as a “hardcore lieutenant that doesn’t put up with no shit … I think Lindsay will be great playing a pissy-ass woman.””

The Dry Gulch Kid is expected to start production by the end of July. Michael Madson is also in negotiations to star in the film and Jackass  star Johnny Knoxville is said to be attached.”

Okay we all know she might not even be alive for when these alleged movies go into production, but I hope this offer is legit.

Only because I would love to see her play a “pissy ass” woman.

It’ll be hilarious to watch her confusion over the phrase and the actual act of trying to piss her ass. Because you know that’s what she’s going to get from it.

Director: “Now act pissy.”

Lindsay: “But I don’t have to go.”

Director: “No, I mean ACT it.”

Lindsay: “Okay I’ll try. But uh…it doesn’t come out of my a** right? Okay, maybe that one time, I think…uh…what do I have to do again…uhhh damnit just leave me alone, I – I – need a drink!”

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