um, too bad…?

Today is a sad day.

Kim Cattrall has decided to put her girls away for retirement. No not those girls.

These ones:

Yes. I do understand that a topless picture was more fitting in the above space, but I’m on a diet, and I don’t need to be reminded of Flapjacks.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle,

“Kim Cattrall has promised she will no longer remove her clothes for sex scenes now that she is in her fifties – insisting she will stay covered up from now on. The 53 year old became famous for her saucy role as Samantha Jones in the “Sex and the City” TV series, which saw her disrobe to act out graphic sexual scenarios on a regular basis. Cattrall has continued the character in two movies, but she’s adamant fans hoping to see her strip on screen in “Sex and the City 2” will be disappointed.

She told Heart FM, “When I turned 50, I decided that I didn’t want to be photographed nude anymore, so you don’t really see me nude (in the new movie), you see me doing maybe a physical, a sexual act, but there’s no part of my body that is exposed.”

I like how the paper chose “promised” instead of “said.” There’s no tears shed over this turn of events whatsoever.

Anyways, just because Samantha’s leaving her shirt on doesn’t mean she’ll be closing her legs anytime soon. That is if seeing women in Depends try and make friends with a vibrator is your sort of thing…


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