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miley kissed a girl and she didn’t like it.

…she didn’t like it so much that she did it AGAIN.

Here’s her rant:

I performed Cant Be Tamed this week on one of my favorite shows here in the UK Britians Got Talent. Which is totally true, there were some amazinnnggg acts (but of course no one could focus on that.) I had such a blast and was so honored to be on that stage. That being said during my performance I supposedly “KISSED A GIRL” and this is the newest thing to cause controversy. I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story. I really hope my fans are not disappointed in me because the truth is I did nothing wrong. I got up there and did my job which is to perform to the best of my ability. I just want to put an end to this right now and just say one thing to everyone out there making this performance such a big deal.
GET OVER IT! NOTHING HAPPENED. THERE ARE WAYYYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD. Lets start focusing a little less on making up ignorant rumors and focus a little more on world peace! We gotta a lot of work to do if we wan this earth to be here much longer. Lets make a change! It wouldn’t hurt the world to show a little more love.”

Yes. There’s more important things in the world to focus on. Like how every pervert on the Internet is using the magnifying glass option to get a closer look at your underwear.

But thanks for the “rocking out” excuse. The next time someone catches me making out with their boyfriend, I’ll just pretend we were about to start band practice.


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alessandra ambrosio has a secret…

Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio had the paparazzi shoving their camera lens up her skirt with their fingers crossed at Trousdale this weekend…

Really boys?

She models for a lingerie company. B*tch would be a fool to not hoarde all the cute panties she can before she switches to Depends. *

*This hardly applies to Supermodels. It’s just funny to picture her in them.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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