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katy perry has something to say.

That is if anyone even listens to Katy Perry. (Not her singing, her speaking).

If I were a dude that is. Nah, or a girl. I just wouldn’t be able to focus on listening to her with “HOLY F*CK SHE HAS HUGE T*TS!!!” screaming in my ears.

Anyways, she took to her Twitter regarding Lady Gaga’s new video for “Alejandro.”

“Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.”

Ouch Katy Perry. Them some fighting words.

Too bad all people heard were a couple of t*tties bouncing against each other.




ha! dropping out of high school was worth it b*tchessss.

Marisa Miller was given FHM’s #1 spot in the 100 Women To Jerk Off To 100 Sexiest Women In The World annual poll yesterday…

I’m actually not hating on her one bit. If dropping out of school to pose half naked won me an award like that, I wouldn’t mind not being able to spell double sylabell words. The only doubles that would matter would be my t*ts.

What’s she gonna need simple grammatical skills for anyway? Spelling out her bra size?

I think not.

Oh and Katy Perry was also named MAXIM’s Sexiest Woman In The World

I have a feeling that this qualification was given to her based on her creativity and musical talent. Not on the fact that she has boobs that are the size of midgets.

And speaking of midgets, Snooki got gypped. I mean, she should have at least made it on ONE of these lists.

Not because she’s hot or anything, but because we’d get to see a little person run amock in fury after the editors realized that they’d made a mistake.

Angry midgets = Good fun.


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your daily sigh.

Katy Perry shows off her kitties in a teeny bikini while vacaying in Mehico with fiance’ Russell Brand.

You laugh at Russell. But right now, he’s laughing at you.


perez hilton has a birthday party.

There must have been a lot white liquids this past weekend at Perez Hilton’s 32nd Birthday party.

Do I mean spraypaint & whiteout? Sure, but take it any which way you want…

This guy’s a tool, not because I’m hating, but because his website is run by his sister now which kinda makes him a SELLOUT.

I’m guessing she had some pent up ANGER to release, so she took the first job that required sitting at home in underwear drawing gizz on people’s faces.

Not like I post in my underwear or anything. I’m just sayin that operating the mayo machine at McDonald’s would provide for similar OPPORTUNITIES.

Anyways because blogging doesn’t require much MOVEMENT, I hope I don’t one day resort to rummaging through Joe Jackson’s walk in closet because I have limited choice in what to dress my girth with.


Check out the NEW video by Timbaland & Katy Perry for, “If We Ever Meet Again…”



breakin dishes.

Besties Rihanna and Katy Perry are so close that Ri Ri is REPORTEDLY planning Katy’s bachelorette party…

Via More magazine,

“[Katy] and Rihanna have become very, very close. So Rihanna has offered to plan a girls’ getaway and also help out with anything else Katy needs for the wedding.” Apparently Katy told Russell “her party is going to be every bit as wild as any party he and his boys will throw.” 

Nothing says WILD like b*tches beating on pinatas that look like Chris Brown.





Taylor Swift is so kitsch like that.

T Swift took to her Twitter to share with ya’ll one of her most low down BEAUTY secrets…

“I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom.” about
22 hours ago from Echofon

Katy Perry couldn’t help but pay respect to the Wet N Wild shareholders of the world…

“That’s so chola of you! RT @taylorswift13: I just used a Sharpie as eye liner in the airplane bathroom.”
about 22 hours ago from UberTwitter

I don’t know which Cholitas Katy’s been seeing around, but unless you’re brows, lids, lips, and cheekbones are stenciled in black, you ain’t got no right.



Who you callin a TWIT?

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