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mariah stole my makeup.

Hmm, I guess Mariah was preparing for an UPCOMING shoot in the next few weeks*, because poor Jessica Simpson had to go SANS makeup and Photoshop for her shoot with Marie Claire

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business.”

I’m guessing her eyeliner and lipgloss are made of dirt and puddles of water?

B*tch please.

Ok, ok, all JOKES aside I think this was very BRAVE of her and that she should be commended for it. She looks gorg.

But I doubt it can get more EMBARASSING after people have watched you pee, act like a complete moron, and wear FAT pants on a National level.

Other than that, you go girl!


*Yes it takes Mariah approx. 12 days to put her face on.


Just a little girl in a Mimi sized body…

Oh Mariah, you’ll never cease to AMAZE the world as to your HOLIER than THOU status will ya?

I mean, after a music career like hers, a larger than life DIVA personality, and a pint sized ex comedian husband like Nick Cannon, if bi*ch wants her morning breakfast flown in from the Islands of Hawaii with the Thunder from Down Under serving it to her, she DAMN well deserves it.

Anyway, here’s a shortened list of the GOODIES she demanded when she agreed to go flip a switch to turn on some Xmas lights on a tree at Westfield Mall in London:

B*tch makes my obsession with Strawberry Shortcake look prudish.

20 white fluffy kittens

100 white doves to be released into the night air upon her arrival

Pink butterfly shaped confetti to be thrown at her entrance

A pink carpet, in place of a red one

80 security guards

A magical wand

A Rolls Royce to drive her to the mall

(She recieved EV-ER-YTHING she asked for of course, except for the kittens due to the Mall’s “no pets” policy).

I just don’t understand it. She’s loves to LIVE large. So WTF is she with Nick freaking Cannon?!

I guess he was the only one FOOLISH  enough to cater to the Queen’s demands.

Good luck trying to get some with Care Bears and fluffy kittens taking over the bed.



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