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michael bay was “abusive.”

And he was a DUDE.

So again Megan, shhhhhh.

Via TheWrap,

Bay has a history of demeaning his leading ladies, including “Pearl Harbor” star Kate Beckinsale; an individual close to the actress recalled that the director “wasn’t very nice” to her on the set, either.
Apparently, Fox wasn’t the only “Transformers” cast member affected by Bay’s rude behavior. TheWrap also learned that “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” star Isabel Lucas chose not to join her co-stars on a publicity tour for the film because she didn’t get along with the director, who was described as being “too powerful” and “not well-liked” by the female talent community.
It’s no secret that Bay has a reputation for being an extremely controlling filmmaker who can be difficult to work with at times …. Another individual close to the sequel’s production told TheWrap that Bay “wants his actresses to look a certain way, and if they can’t meet his absurd standards of beauty, he gets rid of them.”

Okay, okay, I’m all for my fellow woman validating herself from douchebags, but what do you expect people are gonna do when you take sexually suggestive pics like these…?

Sprinkle you with holy water and go confess in church?




now you can talk.

So Megan Fox got FIRED from the 3rd installment of Transformers yesterday.

It’s probably because she started talking about her involuntary gas problem and how she’s so ugly that she can’t stand when people look at her, other than sticking to the script. Or because she called the director “Hitler.”

You pick.

Via Deadline Hollywood,

“No actor/actress can expect to go around dissing a director and expect to work together as if nothing happened. Much less the egotistical Bay. But in Fox, he had met his match. Why, as recently as this week Megan was quoted as dissing Bay yet again. In recent months she has shown off a more natural skin hue instead of her usual orange color — and blamed the Transformers helmer for her unhealthy tanning binge. “I had been tanning a lot so that Michael would be happy with my skin tone. Every spare moment of sun that was outside, I had to be in it,” the 24-year-old actress lamented in Allure magazine. “It’s not going to happen again because of the damage and the possible skin cancer.”

and WAIT. There’s more…


“Megan Fox

is seeking to transform rumor to fact.

The actress is slamming speculation she was booted from the third installment of the Transformers action film franchise.

“Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3,” reps for the actress, 24, tell PEOPLE. “It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best.”

Citing unnamed sources, Variety reports the studio and the film’s director, Michael Bay, intend to cast another actress as star Shia LeBoeuf’s love interest to move the story in a different direction.”

“Michael Bay I love your work! I know what a artistic brilliant genius you are! Cast me in the next Transformers.” – Heidi Montag

No. No. Oh God no. Megan come back. Pick your nose, nitpick about how many bits of gravel are on the ground, tell Michael Bay to bend over and lick your a**. Just for the LOVE OF GOD come back.







i thought we agreed we wouldn’t use your mouth for such things…?

Megan Fox is doing that thing she does with her lips and tongue again.


She’s in the upcoming issue of Allure magazine and gives an interview that is usually structured for people who live in quiet and simple quarters. With nurses milling around.

On closing herself off in interviews:

“Trying to be lighthearted and have a sense of humor and engage in some sort of satire sometimes. It did backfire to a certain extent, and it became too exhausting. I still have the same sense of humor, but I have no desire to express it, really, anymore, because I’ve always been fucked for doing so.”

On not being a Stage 5 Clinger:

“I could go days, weeks without talking to another human being,” she says. “I could probably go months and be perfectly satisfied. Easily. It’s the opposite of being needy, but at the same time, I don’t know if I would want to be in a relationship with someone who required as much alone time as I require.”

On Surgical Horrors:

“I would encourage anyone to first speak with a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from, because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin — the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you,” she says. “If, then, you feel, ‘This is something that I want to do’, then do it. It’s amazing that we have the technology to do the stuff that we do.”

On being anal:

“Every time someone uses a bathroom and they flush, all the bacteria is shot into the air,” she says. “Putting my mouth where a million other mouths have been, just knowing all the bacteria that you carry in your mouth? Ucch!”

On not being Martha Stewart:

“I’ll starve to death before I’ll cook for myself. I think I could survive a week without eating.”

OMFG. Forget what I said about the not talking. It’s like we’re destined to be sisters. Or like, CLONES or something. We’re like the same f*cking person, I mean, minus that wonky thumb of course.


Call me!

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lakers lovers.

I would have had difficulties putting one foot in front of the other with Megan Fox within 6 ft. of me, let alone scoring a goal..

But Khloe Kardashian was also at yesterday’s playoffs to balance sh*t out and help regain focus.


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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green out in El Lay for her Birthday over the weekend…

Who wants to bet they went home with takeout and played COD?




Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green trolling around in a fish store.

They could be buying tampons and beef jerky and still look sexy…

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And yes, the tampons are for him.



Megan Fox filming Transformers 3 and actually waving at people.

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Who you callin a TWIT?

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