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now what could they have been doing…?

Paris & Nicky Hilton are just SO CLOSE that they even use the toilet together.Sisters for life.


Via the National Inquirer,

At Bar 210 [on April 21] were Paris and Nicky Hilton. Paris and a Nicky skipped ahead of everyone waiting for the bathroom, then slipped into the same stall. The pair were heard giggling as they flushed the toilet multiple times. When they emerged, they spent a good five minutes in front of the mirror fixing their faces.

Okay, now I know that Paris doesn’t need a hand in taking off her pants, so that rules that out.

I also know that these two don’t do drugs, because they always have to be alert for shopping trips, and pedicures and such, so that rules that out.

You know, they must have been sharing secrets in there. It’s just too CUTE how close and loving they are  with each other. Nice to see such innocent relationships in Hollywood.

What you have is precious girls, don’t ever change.






the jessica simpson sob story of the week…

C’mon did you REALLY think that Jessica Simpson could make it ONE week without crying into her cookies?

This time around she’s reportedly jealous over her sister, Ashlee’s svelte body. When she has the personality of a twist tie, I guess that’s the only thing left of her to be jealous of…

Via the National Inquirer,

Jessica Simpson insists she’s happy with her curves, but pals say she’s jealous of her younger sister Ashlee’s super-slender figure.

“Jessica wants everyone to believe she’s learned to embrace her shape, but the truth is she’d give the world to have a skinny body like Ashlee’s,” a friend told The Enquirer. “Although Jessica claims her new show has helped her overcome years of body image issues, she’s more insecure than ever about her looks.”

“She’s exercising like crazy with an intensive boxing, jogging and weight-lifting regimen, and she’s following a strict no-sugar, low-carb diet. Yet she still can’t can’t lose the extra weight.”

“While promoting her new show, 5-foot-3 Jessica hinted at her self-image struggles, admitting: “I haven’t always looked at my reflection and loved it. There’s always something that I’ve wanted to fix because there’s always somebody that looks better.”

And that somebody is 25-year-old Ashlee, sources say. At 5-foot-6, she’s still a lithe size 0 even after giving birth to son Bronx in November 2008. “Jessica loves her sister dearly and wishes she was blessed with the same fast metabolism that Ashlee has, who barely has to exercise to stay fit,” the friend divulged.”

Wow, when you’re jealous of someone whose pretty much for known for dancing around like a circus monkey on Speed, that’s when it’s time to put in a call to Dr. Phil.

Although I don’t get how someone with t*ts the size of overcultivated watermelons would have any reason to be jealous. As I always say girls, when all else FAILS, take off your shirt.*

*I don’t always say this. It’s more geared towards those that can’t make complete sentences or who don’t know how to spell “complete sentences.” For the rest of you, don’t be a fool. Stay in school.


britney want baby.

Rumor is that Brit Brit is looking to have another baby. Someone needs to tell her that they don’t just fall out like crumbs from of a bag of Cheetos.

Via the National Inquirer,

“Britney Spears and agent Jason Trawick might mend their split before you take you next breath (ed. note: rumor is they’re already back together after their recent breakup) because there’s still a lotta love there, say insiders — and the bump in the road that crashed them was Britney’s pleas for a Jason-induced baby bump. After endless heart-to-heart discussions, the romance unraveled when he finally put the kibosh on her obsessive desire to birth a baby together. Jason, the showbiz genius who orchestrated Brit’s smash “Circus” comeback tour, felt her career was building to even higher heights and pregnancy might bring their well-oiled star-making machine to a grinding halt.

Said an insider: “Jason felt Britney was still learning how to control her life and be a hands-on mom to sons Sean and Jayden. He told her he was in their relationship for the long haul, and there was ample time for a baby once Britney’s life was truly on an even keel. But their back-and-forth about a baby generated tension that turned unbearable.”

Considering that the National Inquirer is hardly considered a hard hitting journalistic publication, I doubt this is true.

Well, hoping actually. It’s hard enough for Britney to feed herself without getting her face all mucked up. Just imagine what she’d do to a baby.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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