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how is this possible…?

Holly Madison is writing books now. I know she’s an intelligent woman and all but I’m guessing she’s using a ghostwriter, because she probably can’t see anything past her boobs.

Via Life & Style,

Holly Madison’s world is about to get even bigger! Not only is the Girls Next Door star launching her own spin-off show, Holly’s World, on June 13 on E!, she reveals to Life & Style that she’s hard at work on her first book.  “I’m writing a book about Las Vegas,” she tells Life & Style. For research, she took a wild road trip from LA to Sin City, with stops at “freaky roadside attractions,” she says, and a haunted hotel in Death Valley. That certainly sounds like a world away from the Playboy Mansion.”

I’m sure Charlie Sheen could write an series of novels based on “freaky roadside attractions” while he’s in the slammer but everything’s better when it’s done by someone with huge boobs. This chick could come out with her own line of gluesticks and people would line up to buy them.



picture of the day.

Kendra Wilkinson’s COVER for her new sex tape.

Did anyone get to go to the RELEASE party?!


Or uh, get a LOAD of those FINGER foods?

“Hyuk, hyuk.”


too bad there wasn’t a retoucher around…

I don’t know if this sex tape will make Kendra seem hotter or more like one of Jesse James’ trashy tricks…

I hate when you admire someone in a magazine and they actually turn out to look like, well an actual person.

I hate how actual people look.

Anyways, Vivid just released these screenshots from her now confirmed sex tape, and she kinda looks like Jan Brady to me.

If Jan Brady was hot enough to find someone to film a sex tape with her that is…

“Marsha Marsha Marsha! It’s not fair! Nice hair and she looks better having sex on camera!”

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kendra wilkinson is a people person.

She claims the soon to be RELEASED sex tape will “embarass her,” and I now have no doubt.

I mean, I’m not hating on blonde ex Playboy bunnies who spent the better part of the prime years rubbing Hugh Hefner with Bengay and mashing Cyalis into his breakfast for being dumb or anything…

But when you can’t even count out the number of d*ck that are banging you, I mean, well, c’mon…

Via RadarOnline,

New documents uncovered by show that not only were there multiple sex tapes, as we exclusively reported, but also multiple partners!
And while Kendra has threatened to sue if the tapes are released she has not returned requests for comment about her attempts to secretly sell the tapes and the company she formed in November, 2008 to do so.
While attempting to sell the tapes in 2008 Kendra was already with Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Hank Baskett, who is now her husband. She needed the approval of Playboy’s Hugh Heffner to go through with the deal, as she was starring in her final season of The Girls Next Door.

This I’ve got to see. Not because of the porn, but because I’d love to watch her get smacked in the face with a p*nis when she was supposed to move to the right, not the left.

Or was it the left, and not the right?

Or was it…?

Oh Kendra.






kendra wilkinson isn’t dumb.

Kendra Wilkinson proves that just because she’s spent the better half of her life feeding grapes to Hugh Hefner while simutaneously rubbing him down with Bengay doesn’t mean that her brain has completely gone to sh*t.

Via RadarOnline,

Documents acquired by confirm that the Playboy pinup was in the process of releasing the tapes herself a year and a half ago! According to the documents, a company (which Wilkinson would own and control) would be formed and Wilkinson’s team would shop the tape around soliciting offers. Wilkinson would also be able to mandate how the tape would be edited before it was sent to potential buyers.
While several media outlets cited sources claiming the blonde beauty is “devastated” and “humiliated” by the tapes potentially going public and worried it will harm her marriage to Hank Baskett, has also learned that Wilkinson was figuring out a way to release them herself well into her relationship with the professional football player and even after the couple’s engagement was announced.
Also included in the document is a section mandating that Playboy and Hugh Hefner be informed of any potential agreement to sell the footage before the agreement is settled.”

Stop hating ya’ll, what else is she supposed to do with it? Bring it over as a fright tactic during Hank Jr.’s 6th Grade Sex Ed class?

And there’s nothing wrong with having a sex tape out, especially when your all your past skills consist of being able to touch your elbows behind your back.

And no, I’m not talking about my beloved Kim here, she was actually able to balance a cup on her ass. That’s like, a whole different class of talent. So lay off.



should have used your inhaler first…

I’ll admit that I’m pretty slow sometimes, but even I could figure out that practically growing up in the Playboy Mansion would guarantee anyone, even the Monday cleaning lady to come out with a sex tape sometime during their life…

My “I’m slow, but sometimes dumb” point has now been proven:

Via Radar,

[Kendra Wilkinson’s] lawyer Yael E. Holtkamp – from powerhouse firm Lavely and Singer in Los Angeles – has asked porn giants Vivid Entertainment to ‘cease and desist’ with releasing the video which could highly embarrass the married reality TV star.

Their scathing letter to Vivid reads: “The video is private and highly confidential taken for private use and not for public disclosure. Any exploitation of the video would be a gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy.”

Sources have revealed that Wilkinson knew about the video but that she made it with a man she trusted and never thought that it would be released to the public. She is unsure who sold the steamy footage to Vivid…

CEO of Vivid Steve Hirsch does not look like he’s backing-down in the aftermath of receiving the legal warning from Wilkinson’s lawyers.

He said: “After reviewing our legal position we remain confident of our right to distribute the video. Thus Vivid.Com plans to release Kendra Exposed within the next several weeks.”

Hey, this isn’t a bad thing. I mean, Hank must feel pretty good about his libido after watching his wife try and revive an 84 year old p*nis when Hef passes out after realizing that he actually has to move his body to have sex.


Here’s Vivid’s statement regarding the tape:

‘We know that Kendra has millions of fans and we feel that it’s rare to find well-produced, hardcore footage of a star of her magnitude. The tape was brought to us by a third party and after consulting with our attorneys, we are confident in our right to distribute it. We’ve been trying to reach Kendra but have so far been unsuccessful. We therefore made the decision to release ‘Kendra Exposed’ to stores across the country by the end of May,’ said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid. “We believe this could be our all time best selling celebrity tape.”


“Kendra Exposed” will be distributed under the Vivid-Celeb imprint and Kendra will joining such celebrities as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Kim Kardashian and Ray J, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty, Shauna Sand and others whose sex tapes have also been released by Vivid.

The explicit tape was made before she was engaged to and then married Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett. The name of her sex partner in the video, that was shot prior to her moving into the Playboy mansion, has not been revealed.”

I stopped reading after “star of her magnitude”

If getting a pair of fake t*ts and posing naked 4 times can get you into that category, then I give up on school.

And Heidi Montag should defintely go ahead with that surgery.


david boreanaz likes to bone.

Haha. Get it? Cuz he’s on the show, “Bones.”

Yeah anyways,

Via TMZ,

We’re told Boreanaz had a short-term relationship with the woman — one source says they hooked up “2 or 3 times.”  Sources say he started paying her money — several thousand dollars here and there — but she began demanding more, threatening to go public with the affair.  Boreanaz then confessed the affair to Jaime Bergman, his wife of 9 years.

Enter Gloria Allred, who reps the mistress.  Allred contacted Boreanaz’s lawyer — legal pit bull Marty Singer — and demanded 6 figures.

Boreanaz then blunted the attack by going public with his affair.  He has refused to pay the mistress another cent.

Oh his poor wife. She’s an ex Playmate btw.

I think she should seek revenge by doing what any self respecting woman with a vendetta should do.

Take her clothes off.





Holly Madison and her GIRLS at the LAUNCH of Camp Vegas

Nothing says Vegas like a little bunny boob.

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Loves it.


jenna jameson gets hit…not during sex…

I’m sure this chick’s been SLAPPED around a couple times during her career, I mean, in a totally sexual way, but I doubt getting the sh*t kicked out of you when you’re in the middle of doing laundry is all that MUCH of a TURN ON

Via TMZ,

Jenna Jameson just told our photog she plans on pressing charges against Tito Ortiz. Fighting back tears, a clearly emotional Jenna was driving away from her home in Huntington Beach, CA moments ago — when she stopped and told our photog, “I’m gonna be alright.”

Jenna — who was wearing giant sunglasses — continued, “My babies are alright … everything’s OK .. he’s in jail.”

Jenna was accompanied by her father — the man who we’ve learned made the initial call to 911.

The guy’s OBVIOUSLY a douche, but after slapping her ass, chocking her with a ball gag and throwing her against the wall, I’m sure he was just looking for a way to spice up the sex life a little and figured that a punch or two to the kisser would be kinda hot*

*I kid. I kid. Not funny.


been there, seen that.

Kim Kardashian is just so busy promoting HERSELF these days that she’s seemed to forgotten that contrary to what she thinks, 3/4 of the World’s population has seen a lot more than just her vag…

Via RadarOnline,

Kim Kardashian is having stripper’s regret. The reality star now says she is sorry she took it all off for Playboy magazine in 2007.  And she blames her mom  for pushing her into it.

“I’m sorry I did Playboy.  I was uncomfortable,” Kim tells Harper’s Bazaar in a new interview where she – ironically – strips down again.  

So why did she do Playboy?  Her mom Kris Jenner told her to “go for it,” recalls Kim, who also quotes her mom as saying, “They might never ask you again.  Our show isn’t on the air yet.  No one knows who you are.  Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.”

Oh Kris.

What would us girls do without a mom like you?

I mean other than attend college and get a degree.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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