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attention tokers…i mean upper eastsiders…

Looks like N is cheating on S with P.

Via Celebrity-Gossip.Net,

“Fresh off of a Mexican getaway, it is being reported that Chace Crawford has been arrested on a drug possession charge.

According to TMZ, the “Gossip Girl” actor was picked up by police early Friday morning (June 4) while in possession of marijuana. 

The incident is said to have taken place outside of a local pub in Plano, Texas, with officers finding a misdemeanor worthy amount of green weighing less than 2 ounces.

Since being picked up, Crawford has since bailed out of the slammer while keeping quiet when it comes to press inquiries.”

Via TMZ,

“Crawford was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. The charge is a misdemeanor.
Crawford was busted in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub.
Sources say Crawford was in a car with a friend when he was busted and cops found one unlit joint.”

God no. One joint?!

Wow. Forget the plight of the oil spill and that dude who killed that chick in Aruba. Obama needs to put Chace Crawford over his knee for setting a bad example.

He should probably condemn Miley Cyrus for selling sex around the World while on tour too. Prostituation is illegal b*tch.

Chace should come to Vancouver where dealing with our boys in blue entails sharing a fatty and hitting up Tim Hortons for donuts and a frappucino.  Not the electric chair.

We’ll await you with open legs arms Chace. You have my word.


huh? what? who? why?

Uuuummm. Shauna Sand is going to be on the next season of Celebrity Rehab.

I don’t think I’ve seen this chick on anything other than a porn, but…okay.

Via TMZ,

“Shauna Sand’s penchant for booze and attention has finally paid off — TMZ has learned the former Playboy Playmate has signed on for the next season of “Celebrity Rehab.”

We’re told Shauna will check into Dr. Drew’s famous recovery center in Pasadena [today].

As we previously reported, the show has already lined up several other minor celebs including Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler.”

Minor celebs? Is that what they’re calling addicts and hookers these days?

Nice. So all I have to do to get my mug on TV is have sex with a midget, while on E.

Hollywood here I come!

Oh and for Shauna’s kids…? They’re just happy they don’t have to explain to their teacher why they’re wearing G strings under their pants. It’s full on coverage while Mom’s gone!





as much as i hate him…

If I were a dude, I’d be pretty f*cking jealous.

After I high fived him a couple times and sent him a basket full of condoms that is.

Via TMZ,

Doug Reinhardt, aka Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, aka heir to the frozen burrito fortune, has left Hiltie in the dust — cause he’s datin’ Miss World USA.

We’ve learned Doug has been spending “every night” for the past few weeks with Lane Lindell — a beauty queen who’s even getting a college education at the University of Georgia.

Paris will probably say, “She’s so 2008.”  And that’s true.  Miss World USA 2008.”

Man, Paris can brown herself to a crisp, dress herself in the skankiest designer threads, but the only way she’ll earn a crown is if it’s for the Most Demure Sl*t of the Century.

Not that this chick’s a saint or anything. She was a former Miss USA after all, so I guess her and Paris do have ONE thing in common.

All together now…



whatchu talkin bout…?!

Uhhhh, awkward.

Via TMZ,

“Gary’s divorce lawyer, Randy Kester, tells TMZ the couple divorced on August 12, 2008, and as far as he knows they never remarried.
Kester does not know if Price had a power of attorney to make medical decisions.
A hospital official tells TMZ they have “become aware he may not have been married to her.” But the official said she was portraying herself as Gary’s wife and they didn’t require further proof.”

That’s not shady at all.

Especially after this,

What a dumb b*tch. I mean what did his will consist of? priceless Smurf collectibles?

Actually I dunno if this was done in vengenance or not. She doesn’t look like the brightest crayon in the box. And I’m not talking about the 12 pack. I’m talking 64 pack here. There’s a lot more opportunities in that one.

One thing’s for sure, Gary’s shaking his fist at her in midget Heaven.



“i always tell the truth. even when i lie.”

You know what, I think I might change my tune about Lindsay LOLohan.

Underneath that unshowered, powdered exterior is a CRIMINAL MASTERMIND.

Joe Montana who?

Via TMZ,

“It might seem like bad timing — that Lindsay Lohan was ordered last week to submit to random drug testing, just days before she had her wisdom teeth pulled … but we’ve learned Lindsay got a pass from probation.
Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tells TMZ, “We advised the Probation Department of the dental appointment, which was made well in advance of last week’s court hearing.” Chapman says she assured the probation officer she would provide “documentation about any medications that Lindsay would be taking, which would be administered or prescribed as part of the procedure.”

So this b*tch just scored free pills. She’s like a walking talking death trap, but with an all access pass to painkillers.


Lindsay lays back in the hot tub filled with bubbles and raises her glass of champagne with a freckled hand.

“The world is mine.” *Chuckle, cough, sputter, sputter. Hawk a loogie.* “And they all thought I was gonna die.”

*I wonder what Vicodin tastes like underwater.*




do i look good…..??

Spencer Pratt’s gonna find himself cuddling up to one of his crystals to keep him warm at night from now on. I mean, not that it’s different from the body, shape, consistency, and temperature of his other possession, Heidi.


Via TMZ,

“Heidi’s rep tells TMZ, “Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls. She’s tired of it and is looking for a place and wants to focus on her acting career.”
We’re told Heidi is looking for a new place in Malibu.”


It’s about damn time. She might not be able to wake up every morning without having him tell her “no honey, you don’t look like Joan Rivers,” but at least she’ll learn to walk and talk without having someone push the START button first.

Omg. Maybe now people will look past her leathery exterior and blank expression and find it within their hearts to befriend her once again. Maybe her Mom will manage to actually look her in the face when having a conversation instead of burying her face in rosary beads.

Anyways, here’s some pics of the couple in happier times.

Kinda reminds me of that song…what was it again…?

Oh yeah, Put It In Ya Mouth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



jesse james lies.

Huh?? What?! Neverrrrrrrrr.

Via TMZ,

“Janina James Coan, who was involved with Jesse’s dad since Jesse was 6, tells TMZ she was “appalled” by what Jesse said about Larry James during the “Nightline” interview.
Coan says, “Larry was the most caring father, the kindest father who would do anything for anybody. He loved Jesse to death and would brag about him all the time.”
Coan does say, however, that Jesse and his dad don’t get along. The tension started, she claims, when Jesse was 16. She claims Jesse’s dad found out his son and a friend allegedly robbed a Fotomat and called the cops on him. Coan says Jesse ended up in juvenile hall and was very upset that his dad turned him in.”

Ahhhh. How terrible.

Now what’s Fotomat?


Who you callin a TWIT?

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