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Kristin Cavallari & Audrina Patridge filming The Hills yesterday…

I love how Audrina will raise her arms up in exasperation at the smallest thing.

Kristin: “And then she gave me the only shopping bag they had left…which was an extra large!”


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Audrina Patridge shopping on Melrose.

Probably because her ex stole all her skinny jeans.

Like OMG.


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first it was hair gel, then pants, now underwear?! it’s over!

Audrina Patridge and Whatshisface have broken up again.

I’m no genius but I’m gonna guess it was because he kept using the HERS in the His & Hers bathroom of theirs.

Via US Weekly,

It’s over for Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera after about four months of dating. A source tells the two split “a little over a week” ago.

“Things started to go awry the night of her birthday and she ended things after that — pretty much the next day,” explains another insider. The Hills star spent her 25th birthday, May 9, with Cabrera, 27, in Las Vegas at Liquid Pool at Aria, then later that night at Las Palmas Latin Supper Club.

The biggest issue?

“Ryan’s a constant partier and that became an issue,” says a source. “Audrina was crying at Wango Tango,” adds the source, referring to the weekend L.A. concert in which Cabrera performed. “MTV made her film and she didn’t want to.”

AND it was because of those red pants in the above picture.

It had to be. C’mon. Justin f*cking Bobby is probably giggling under his trucker hat at this clown.

Giggling while scratching his butt and picking his teeth, but still giggling.



She Pratt & Audrina filming scenes for The Hills…while elsewhere Speidi was doing their best to trump out the Shrine Circus.

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it’s my birthday and I can have wonky boobs if i want to.

I’m serious.

What the f*ck is up with Audrina’s cutlets?

Hopefully her boyfriend got her new boobs for her BIRTHDAY and she was able to return these back to Skeletor.

Anyways, here she is making the most out of em at the Liquid Ultra Lounge at Aria over the weekend for her Birthday

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anyone care to offer up an explanation…?

Audrina Patridge is still boning that Matthew Perry lookalike (no compliments intended).

I can’t come up with any EXPLANATION other that when girls get pumped full of silicone it decreases brain cells and eyesight. I’m not a doctor or anything, and didn’t waste time doing research but I feel that after being blessed with the likes of Heidi Montag, Pamela Anderson, and half the b*tches in the United States Of America  I’m fu*cking certified enough to make such a statement.

Also, she probably still has a case of the SADS from Justin Bobby and misses the always present stench of piss and Malboro Lights.





sticks & stones might pop my boobs, but words will never hurt me.

After his blowup doll wife got pretty much called out by the whole cast of The Hills regarding her claims that producer, Adam DiVello touched her boobies, Spencer is putting on his POUTY face.

“I would like to make it CLEAR! My wife and audrina have severed all ties! We no longer deal with that fake world and fake people like her.
Audrina – Don’t hate because your nasty Tijuana plastic surgery got you no press… and my wife is #1 story on people – 5 days in a row!
Who elected you to gage cool – BITCH! Why don’t u and ur played out 90s singer Cabrera go into a bathroom stall and do what u do best…
Audrina – you want press? Leak another 50 naked photos of yourself like u did to get relevant to in the first place.
So glad my wife gets her surgery in bev hills and not where Jwow and audrina go. We love american doctors!

It’s one thing making fun of a lightweight like Audrina, but JWoww can knock this tool to the floor faster than Heidi can call out for him to moisturize her ass before she’s able to go to the bathroom.

And Spencer dreams big. You know you’ve made it when you’re walking down the street and little kids point and ask their parents, “Mommy, Daddy, I thought you said that those wax people at the museum weren’t real! I’m scared!”


she’s single…again.

So Audrina Patridge just SPLIT from her Boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera

Thank God. It was pretty f*cking time consuming to rack my brain in order to find some REASONING as to what the Hell she saw in him.*

Via E! News,

“Ryan and Audrina are definitely not together right now,” a source who was with the reality starlet this weekend tells us. “It’s still a touchy subject for her.”
Friends tell us Ms. Patridge isn’t exactly feeling too good about the relationship taking a nosedive. She attended Perez Hilton’s recent birthday party in L.A. without Cabrera. “Audrina came to Perez’s birthday with a girlfriend,” one of our sources says. “When she was asked, ‘Where’s Ryan?’ she made a mortified face and changed the subject right away. She gave off a weird vibe and seemed very awkward.”

Ok, after all this wasted time pondering and sifting through befuddled answers, I’ve finally GOT it.

This of course is a result of her wayward eyeballs. If the poor thing wasn’t staring up at the air above she would have been able to AVOID the unsightly coupling for sure. She probably had no idea what he looked like until she saw pictures of her holding hands with what looked like a fat version of Matthew Perry.

That can be QUITE confusing for someone with an IQ of a tapeworm.

I honestly think that someone should have took it upon themselves to shake her hard enough for her eyes to focus STRAIGHT on what was in front of her for a minute, but I doubt anyone would want to be the one blamed for popping Audrina Patridge’s left tit.

That’s like cutting off Tiger Wood’s p*nis.

What the f*ck are they supposed to do with thier lives THEN?!?


Audrina Patridge can do things.

Here’s Audrina Patridge this weekend hosting a Pool Party at Wet Republic.


She CAN do more than take her top off look for cracks in the ceiling. She was probably the FIRST to predict that 6.9 Earthquake yesterday considering she was already looking up at the lighting fixtures before they started shaking.

Like, pick on like, someone who just puts on a bikini to host pool parties or something…haters.





As much as I joke about it, I’m pretty f*cking sad that The Hills is coming to an end.

Not as sad as I am to not watch LC roll her eyes every week, but sad enough.

Anyways, here’s the trailer for the LAST season…and by the looks of it the producers are following a “horror show” kinda trend…

Oh wait, that’s just Heidi’s face.


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