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Sly like a FOX.

Besides the fact that she is literally the HOTTEST girl in the galaxy. She’s also a badass motherfu*ker. She can swear like a trucker, run her mouth about sh*t that the next girl would get disrespected for, and roll with the big boys. She tells it like it is, doesn’t apologize for her demeanor, and could care less what people think of her. For these reasons, Megan Fox is my She Ra.

For those who live in a hole:

“I resent having to prove that I’m not a retard.” – Esquire Magazine, June 2009

“They’re boys; they’re easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand.”

“People who don’t like me talk about it as though I’m trash because I have tattoos. I find that insane because it’s 2008, not the 1950s. Tattoos aren’t limited to sailors. It’s a form of art I find beautiful. I love it”

“I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, “Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.”


Paying respect to an up and coming Vegas excursion.

 This is the good sh*t:


*A dash of Grenadine

*1 oz. Absolut Vodka

*Splash of Club Soda

*Splash of sour mix

*1 oz. So Co



*2 oz. Vodka

*1 tsp. sugar

*1 oz. White Rum

*1/2 Lemon

*1/2 oz. Milk


Just. Listen.

She’s just another girl. Alone at the bar.

That’s what you get…

Oh, Toni.

Tell Em


This Is The Story Of My Life…

NO. Don’t close the brower. This isn’t the ACTUAL story of my life.

(That’ll come sooner than later though, trust.)

You know how I said that music is the “soundtrack” of life. Well, I’m about to take it to the extreme.

I’ll probably post songs or vids that have some meaning to what’s goin on, what Im feelin, or what I want to be feelin. Anything that has meaning or some kind of reasoning behind it is always worth listening to. ..

In the words of Mr. Ricky Ross, “It’s deeper than rap.” Ha.

Just listen.


Why is it All About Steve?

I need to see this. I’m sure you do too. Can’t go wrong with Bullock. I ❤ her. And let’s get an AMEN for Mr. Bradley Cooper. Although, it boggles my mind that he REJECTED Jen for Renee’. Bad form Brad. Bad form. Nonetheless, this looks pretty good.



Ok. I can’t wait till Fall to try out this Matte madness.

I haven’t tried Essie’s mattifyer but this will def. be a future purchase. I like glossy, but glossy is safe. Safe is no match for this stuff.


The best Fall colours to play around with using this are definitely Forest Green, Granite, Deep Purple and Black.

Here’s a preview of some burnin rubber…



DON’T Be A Chink In This Chain of Links.

Let’s Get It.

Here’s what’s good. – The QUEEN of all QUEENS. – TMZ Rival but pretty good site. – Ha! Pure comedic genius. – These guys are HATERS and I LOVE IT. – Kimmy K & whatever she has to talk about. She looks good & that’s all that matters. – Need to get away? Say Vegas? El Lay? The airport waiting area rivals a dingy hangar, but who can go wrong with their seat sales?!  – Pretty much home to some amazing solids.;jsessionid=UD0TJQNT43LQKCV0KRTRHOQ – Every.Brand.You.Need.Want.Use. – The Big Boys.


What I really enjoy. What you need to be checking out during your lunch break, or during. Don’t live under a bridge. I know you wanna know what flavour of Starbucks Britney is drinking and who Jen Aniston’s guy of the moment is. Click away. I’ll add to it…this is just a tease.


Ch – ch – check THIS out.

3 Of The Best From The West. This’ll be re-played for the next few weeks mos def.

Please. Tell Me How Insane This Video Is.


What your SUMMER 09 Playlist SHOULD have been.

Pitbull – Across The World

Birdman – Always Strapped Remix

Shawty Lo – Atlanta GA Remix

Lil Wayne – Bad

Rock City – A Bad Day

DJ Kay Slay – Blockstar

Kevin Lyttle – Bring It Out

T.I. – For Real

Ya Boy – F*ck Bitches, Get Money

Keri Hilson – Get Ya Money Up

Sisqo – Girl You Can Get It

DJ Drama – Gotta Get It

Juvenile – Hands On You

Ja Rule – Head Knock

Amerie – Why RU Remix

Lil Wayne – I Get It In

Cage The Elephant – Back Against The Wall

The Midnight Project – Take Me Home

Bluey Robinson – Story Of My Life

Jay Z – Run This Town

Jay Z – Dig a Hole

The Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008

Jeremih – Jumpin

David Guetta & Akon – Sexy Bit*h

Drake & Kanye & Eminem – Forever

Drake – Killers

Kevin Cossom – Late Night

Young Cash – Maniac

Ya Boy – We Run LA

Halestorm – I Get Off

Sick Of Sarah – Bittersweet

Cold Flamez  – Miss Me, Kiss Me, Lick Me

Mariah & Gucci Mane – Obsessed Remix

Bone Thugs – Patron

Beyonce – Poison

Jeremih – Raindrops

Kevin Cossom & Snoop – Relax

Trick Daddy – Ruby Red

Beenie Man – Sim Simma

The Ting Tings – Thats’s Not My Name Remix

DJ Webstar – Tipsy In The Club

Birdman – Written On Her

Twista – Yo Love

Lil Kim – Download Remix

Richie Rich – Something About The West Coast

Yung Cash – Worst I Eva Had

Plies – Plenty Money Remix

Band Of Skulls – I Know What I Am

Dorrough – Ice Cream Paint Job (ALL Remixes)

Ya Boy – On Fire

The Clipse – All Eyes On Me

Laze & Royal – 3 Way Love

Nas – As We Are

Rick Ross – Skyline

Ma$e – Shut The City Down

Ace Hood – On My Grind

LMFAO – Im In Miami, Vegas, LA, What. Ever Bt*h

Jadakiss – NY Minute

Weezy – Million Dollar Baby

Mario – Breakup Remix

Ya Boy – Life I Lead

Chamillionaire – Show Me The Money

The Dream – They Dont Know Me

Jeremih – Imma Star

K Michelle & Rick Ross – You Should Have Killed Me

Jay Z – D.O.A.

Pitbull – Hotel Room Service Remix

Ludacris – Get Up, Get Out

Ludacris – Drinkin N Drivin

Mike Jones – I Got It

Rick Ross – Maybach Music 2.5

Rich Boy – Send For Me

Fabolous – Throw It In The Bag Remix

Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers

Wyclef – You Dont Wanna Go Outside

Madonna – Celebration Remix w. Wynter

Cobra Starship – The World Will Never Do

Twista – Yellow Light

DJ Kay Slay – You Heard Of Us Remix

Yung Joc – Winner

Von Sway – When Youre Gone

Eminem – The Warning & Beautiful

Ms. Dade & Pitbull – Water

Jay Z – Venus vs. Mars

David Guetta – Toyfriend

New Boyz – Tie Me Down

Stereos – Throw Ya Hands Up

Red Cafe – Them Lips

Kid Cudi – That Girl

Warren G – Swagger Rich

Capone – Real Riders

Capone & Snoop & The Game – 3 Of The Best From The West

3 6 Mafia – Smoked Out

Snoop – Shut You Down

R Kelly – She Knows What She Wants

Whitney – Million Dollar Bill

LL Cool J – Billie Jean Dream

London – Kleptomaniac

Khrys Lawson – Get A Room

The Vill – California Dreams

Javon Black – Shawty Tear It Up

Twista & Tech N9ne – Problems

DJ Drama – Pop Off

Baby Bash – Outta Control

Birdman – Money To Blow

Cassie & Akon – Let’s Get Crazy

LMFAO – La La La

3 Oh 3 – Don’t Trust Her Remix

Dorrough – Flash Out

Myko – Give It To You

Young Money – Every Girl Remix

Nickelback – I’d Come For You

(Ok, ok, this is NOWHERE near a FULL Summer Playlist but all I can think of)

Kick back and go download it.


It’s what you should be hearing.

Alright. Let’s clear up any confusion right here, right now. I.LOVE.MUSIC. It’s the soundtrack to your damn life. I highly doubt you can workout, drive, and shake your groove thang or whatever it is you do, without it.

So in respect to the noise that surrounds us I’ll post new releases, links to some good stuff,  and some great LIFE PLAYLISTS.

(It’s not ALL Rap & Hip Hop so relax) It’s EVERYTHING & ANYTHING.

Am I missing something? Feel free to post a comment and let me know what’s good. (But really, I’m sure I got ALL ya NEED 🙂

The Summer List is a tiny but a goodie. In the future, for new tunes, Ill try posting links where you can hit it up yourself and Dowload. Legally right? Riiight.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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