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Miss me?

Ola. Dying for more of my witty anecdotes? Off color humor? Shining personality? Well you won’t get any of that in my new blog but you will get some pretty legit wardrobe advice, fashion pics, beauty tips and about 76859 posts on shopping.

You know you want to…xoxo



dirrty glam.

In this case it should probably be “dirrty mouth” or “dirrty girl,” but I’m not going to pick a fight or anything.

There’s no way I’m willing to get my ass kicked by someone who could make a b*tch cry just by looking her way.

Unless MTV wants to film it and put it in the next episode. Or pitch a new reality show where Kristin Cavallari randomly goes around town making girls feel like worthless pieces of crap. Because she doesn’t do that on The Hills.

Anwyays, here’s a spread she recently did for Dirrty Glam magazine.

Brody hit approved that.


it’s my birthday so i don’t wanna post sh*t.

Hell YEAH b*tches!

I’m 27 years YOUNG today. (At least that’s what I like to tell myself to ease the pain of getting a year older.)

In lieu to my CELEBRATION to do sh*t all (except for drink my face off with pretty martinis and get more pampered than Paris Hilton’s barnyard of animals) I’m not posting.

My manicurist says my fingers need a rest.

Feel free to take that any which way you please.

Cheers dolls.

Have a drink for me. Or am I having one for you…?

I dunno but…

I’m probably gonna go with the 2nd option.




picture of the day.

Ke$ha can put that thing away.*

It’s already apparent that she gives bad head.

*I painfully regret having to put that dollar sign in her name each time. It’s like giving a bum a cheque for $10,000. They’ll both remain useless and high, but with unnecessary items like decapitated doll heads. Score.




Ch-ch-check out the new track from Kelly Rowland

She looks hot in the promo pic for the VIDEO, but she ain’t no Bey’.

Because she doesn’t jiggle and seize when she sings.

(Yeah, I said it).


 She also recently sat down with Hip Hollywood reporters and set the RUMORS straight about the drama between her and Beyonce’.

Via Hip Hollywood,

“I do get a chance to see [Michelle and Beyonce], whenever we are all in the same place and we get a chance to hang out then we are definitely together and that feels really good. Because to have support is the most important thing of any friendship and that is where ours is just the same of any other friendship. No one will ever believe that ” No we don’t hate each other and we support each other and will be there for each other 100%.”


kim gets sh*t on…

Hey just because she got pissed on doesn’t mean these kids can take off their diapers and drop a deuce on Kim K…

She’s actually getting pelted by baby mash and rattles after posing with Justin Bieber recently at the White House dinner…

Apparently the Justin Bieber fans (AKA Mrs. Hunter’s 1st Grade class) were pissed off because they thought that Kim K was moving her ass into their territory.

Via the SFGate,

Justin Bieber is urging fans to stop sending death threats to socialite Kim Kardashian – insisting they should “calm down” over rumors the pair is dating.

The “Baby” hit maker recently admitted Kardashian was his ideal lady, and he was ecstatic when he got to meet her at the weekend when they both attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

Following their meeting, Kardashian took to her account to confess she had “Bieber fever,” while the singer posted a photo of him with the reality TV star, referring to her as his “girlfriend.”

But the comments sent Bieber’s dedicated fans into a fury, and Kardashian was bombarded with threatening messages, causing her to tweet to the star: “I’m getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable (sic)!!!”

Now Bieber has spoken out about the threats, begging his hordes of female fans to be friendly to his new pal.

In a post on his page, he writes, “Ladies calm down. Kim Kardashian is a friend. A very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 (sic) threats. Let’s all be friends and hang out often.”

I don’t know how many times sh*t like this has to happen before people realize that she has absolutely ZERO interest. Other than breaking her 2348790345 pictures taken in one day record.

For God’s sake. He’s like 8 white!

Get with it people.


jenna jameson has bruises…

Um this b*tch mustve spent all afternoon at Michaels finding the right paint pigments to mix in order for her “bruises” to look real.

She looks like she got gangbanged by a stampede of horses, not roughed up by her husband…

Anyways, speaking of mixing paints, she needs to learn how to blend her foundation. I actually thought that those were the bruises.

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