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Kanye West (Feat Dwele) – Power

Bun B (Feat Young Jeezy) – Just Like That

Nicki Minaj (Feat Flo Rida) – Your Love Remix

Jae Millz – Players Club

Jae Millz (Feat Bow Wow & Short Dawg) – Do It In The Car

Bow Wow (Feat Trey Songz) – Midnite Magic

Bow Wow – Beat Boxin’

Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D.

JW (Feat Young Jeezy) – So Sad

Kid Cudi – All Talk

Ray J – Raining Women

Ray J – Big Booty Girl

Yung LA – Leave Me Alone

Freddie Gibbs (Feat Bun B) – Rock Bottom

Snoop Dogg – Dyme Girls

Elijah Harris (Feat Game) – Sunset Strip

Drake (Feat Jay Z) – Light Up

Drake (Feat Alicia Keys) – Fireworks

Red Cafe (Feat Akon) – Seen Money

Rick Ross – Blowin’ Money

Red Cafe (Feat Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross) – Chop Em Down

Xzibit – It’s Whatever

Ciara (Feat Bei Maejor) – Ride Remix

Dave East – Thru Harlem

Estelle (Feat Nas) – Fall  In Love

Tha Dogg Pound (Feat Tyrese) – Get Your Mind Right

T.I. (Feat Keri Hilson) – Got Your Back

Rick Ross – Money Maker

Flo Rida (Feat Lil Wayne) – Fresh I Stay

Usher – Pay Me

Soulja Boy – Incredible War

Cardan (Feat Pleasure P) – Sex In The City

Mary J Blige – If You Believe

Jazmine Sullivan – Nothings Better

G5 Tha Jett – Down Ass Chick

Drake (Feat Lil Wayne) – Miss Me

T.I. – Yeah Ya Know

Ne Yo – Beautiful Monster

Young Jeezy –  D Boyz

Nas – Hey Young World

The Dream (Feat Luda) – Love King Remix

Pastor Troy – Poppin Off

Perfeck Strangers (Feat Drake) – Work To Do

ProPain (Feat Trey Songz) – Show Me

Ron Brownz (Feat Olivia) – Want Your Love

Kelly Rowland – Shake Them Haters Off’

Drake (Feat Young Jeezy) – Unforgettable

Bow Wow – Brand New Sheets

Red Cafe – Be Alright

Fat Joe (Feat Trey Songz) – If It Ain’t About Money

The Game (Feat Birdman & Lil Wayne) – Everything Red

Dolla – Role Model

Bruno Mars – Dance In The Mirror

Git Fresh (Feat Flo Rida) – Arch Your Back

Soulja Boy (Feat Justin  Bieber) – Rich Girl

The Dream – Sex Intelligent

Nipsey Hussle (Feat Sean Kingston) – Hustle

Mark Morrison (Feat Warren G) – B Day

Marques Houston (Feat Rick Ross) – Pullin On Her Hair

Ashley Ring (Feat Lil Wayne) – Moving Target

Ya Boy (Feat Rico Love) – Party  Girls

Sincere (Feat Avril Lavigne) – Never Say

Ace Hood (Feat Sean Kingston) – Lifestyle

Justin Bieber (Feat Usher) – Somebody To Love Remix

Masspike Miles – Keep It Tight

Black Rob – Delusional

Mack Maine (Feat Rick Ross & Birdman) – All In One Swipe

French Montana (Feat Gucci Mane) – Straight Cash

Amerie – Whose Gonna Luv U

The Game – Slangin Rocks

Tommy Gunn – Get It

Tony Yayo (Feat 50 Cent) – Pass The Patron

Bryan J – Sneakin Thru Ya Window

Ya Boy – Kill Em

Black Frost (Feat Masspike Miles) – Antisocial

Roscoe Dash – Show Out

Auburn (Feat Iyaz) – La La La

Lil Eddie (Feat Krys Ivory) – Love Next Door

St. Lunatics (Feat Birdman) – Money Talks

R. Kelly – Sign Of A Victory

Shorty Mach (Feat 50 Cent) – Let Me Rap To U

Candice Pillay – Loveless

Justin Timberlake – Touch U If I Could

Craig David – Like I Never Left

Chingy – Down  Thru Durr

Sean Garrett (Feat Gucci Mane) – She Geeked

Detail (Feat Snoop) – Do It Well

Ester Dean – Taking His Girl

David Guetta (Feat Akon) – Life Of A Superstar

Makeba (Feat Sean Kingston) – I’m On Fire

Jay Burna – Vegas

Ester Dean (Feat Chris Brown) – Love Suicide

Flo Rida (Feat Lil Wayne) – Fresh I Stay Pt 2

Ultimate (Feat FloRida) – Drop

Lunch Money (Feat Pitbull) – I’m A Freak



Check out the NEW video for Lil Wayne’s, “I’m Single.”

If you’re hot and don’t have recurring emotional stress then feel free to contact me after watching this video.



Here’s the MUCH anticipated VIDEO of Lady Gaga & Beyonce’sTelephone.”

I feel like some dropped an X pill in my coffee this morning.


Simon Cowell’s, “We Are The World” debuted this weekend, and besides the fact that it’s for a GOOD cause, hearing Lil Wayne attempt some Celine Dion type sh*t kinda leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Ch-ch-check it out:

Nicole Sherzinger is just real GLAD to finally have some sort of GIG that doesn’t require her to wear a THONG.



She wants your sex.

Check out yet ANOTHER single of RiRi‘s new album…

I don’t get the critics HATIN hard.

A TEASER was released a year ish ago…but here’s the FULL song.

I like CHEEKY bi*ches.



So because Pete Wentz grew a BEARD, he’s now only focused on deep thinking and drinking black coffee.

As a result…

“to make it perfectly clear.
i dont know the future of fall out boy. its embarrassing to say one thing and then have the future dictate another. as far as i know fall out boy is on break. (no one wants to say the “h” word). as much as i dont have a solo project, i also cant predict that id ever play in fall out boy again. not due to personal relationships as much as a band we grew apart. in this statement id like to include there is the possibility that fob will play again with out me or i will be a part of it when everyone is on the same page. it is no ones fault and there is no animosity about the decision. i felt as fans you deserve to know. there is no singular reason for this. the side projects or bands are supported by all members of the band. i am the single biggest fan of fob and if this is our legacy than so be it. i am proud of it.”

That’s nice.

You’re still married to Ashlee Simpson. How are you gonna get outta that gig?


The last resort.

So E! News is CLAIMING that Lady Gaga is planning to work with Lindsay LOLohan. Considering that Lindsay has most likely boned all of Hollywood, she was obviously BOUND to push the boundaries with the Questionables.

E! reports, “I can pair them up,” says Jerkins, whose most recent collaboration was on Gaga’s “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé. “I would love it. I would love to see what could happen.”
“I’ve seen a lot of people questioning actresses who have wanted to become pop stars, and they don’t have it,” Jerkins said. “I believe she has it, something deep down. I’ve listened to her in the past, and I think there’s something there. It just needs to be pulled out.”


It’s probably hovering around the injection site right?

I know NO ONE better than Lady Gaga to set a bi*ch straight.

I’d fu*king performing a jig to Riverdance if she ever so requested.

Anyways, this is a great TACTIC to get the WACKSTRESS off the curb and maybe into something that doesn’t involve last week’s underwear and a diet RedBull.




DJ Khaled (Feat Ludacris, Snoop, Rick Ross & T Pain) – All I Do Is Win

DJ Kay Slay (Feat Glasses Malone & Stacee Adams) – The New West

Cassidy – Mic Please

Rockstar – Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

Rockie (Feat Mistah FAB) – Re Loaded

Trey Songz – If I Die Tonight

YG – Pop Painkillaz

Kyle Christopher – Emergency

The Dudez – Spaceship

Knuck – Bet Ya Didn’t Know

Paul Wall (Feat Devin The Dude) – Smoke Weed

Yung LA – I Got Money

Freeway – Time

Juney Boomdata – Who Is You

Diamond – Smash The Hommies

Jason Derulo – Outta This World

Henny – Im A Freak

King Phaze – Realer Than You Think

Billy Blue – Real Nigga Wayz

Lloyd Banks – The Bottom

Neyo – Take It To The Floor

Lil Flip (Feat Chamillionaire) – 50 In My Pinky

B.O.B. (Feat Kanye & Asher Roth) – F*ck the Money

Akon (Feat Keri Hilson & Rock City) – Oh Africa

Bun B – Pants On The Ground

Erykah Badu (Feat Lil Wayne) – Jump Up In The Air And Stay There

Freeway – One Thing

Tony Moxberg (Feat Elephant Man) – Haterz Wanna War

Drag On – Emergency Broadcast

Soulja Boy – Aye

Jay Burna – My Dirty Diana

Big Boi (Feat T.I.) – Tangerine

Robin Thicke – Slow Down

French Montana – Huh Eew






Michael. Say it ain’t so.

Tiffany Bromley, Michael Buble’s model turned wigmaker (what the?) is clenching her clip-ons in frusteration over the CHURCH boy persona of the singer, and is revealing some pretty effed up sh*t to the News of the World.

Because she has nothing to be JEALOUS over right?

Anyways, she’s claiming that Buble only cares about 3 things: sex, cannabis, and cake.

B*tch ain’t ever watched a Lil Wayne video? Or welcomed new neighbor’s to town?

She told them,

“It was part of Michael’s routine to smoke late at night. Then he always got hungry. He’d raid the hotel mini-bar and eat three or four Snickers bars in one go – plus pistachios, peanuts, sweets and liquorice. He had an enormous appetite. He was quite immature too and threw schoolboy tantrums at people if he didn’t get his own way. We had several rows where he’d blow up over nothing then he crawl back like a weak, whimpering child, saying something like, ‘Sorry, I’m an asshole.”

I can’t quite see him caressing Lil Debbie while crooning out Come Fly With Me, but who doesn’t sing a little song after finding the perfect munchies?

You know he’s dreaming of lighting up a fat one and making love to a Twinkie right here.


The Fame Factory.

So Lady Gaga, or the crazy sister whose locked up in Glinda The Good Witch’s cellar, brought out the girls and tucked away other unmentionables to PERFORM at the Grammy’s last night…

I think she DESERVED to win for Album of the Year (not to say that T Swift wasn’t an excellent choice) just because of ALL the f*ckery she digs up to please her FANS, or scare them into rooting for her…whichever.

Here’s the Fame Monster in full effect…

She has her own pogo stick.

Hey he said it. Not me.

Peen or no peen, you have to give this bi*ch props for going where no woman has before.


That’s NOT what I mean.

*On a sidenote (and to cleanse the palate from the above picture), I would SO wear these:

Who you callin a TWIT?

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