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You’re going down bit*h!

So the Oscar nominees were REVEALED this morning, and Sandy Bullock (my fav) & Meryl Streep are both nominated for Best Actress for The Blind Side and Julie & Julia.

Socialite Life says,

“With Meryl, when this whole thing started, I left her a voice mail going, ‘You’ve got to watch your back. I’m gonna cut you. I’m gonna take you down,'” Bullock tells the Associated Press. “And then she sent me dead orchids and told me to die, so I sent her a case of liquor and told her to toast to white trash.”

One of the many reasons she makes my heart pitter patter.

Anyways, as in all good fun does, a catfight always ends up with an embrace.

Tongue or no tongue.





it’s tricky.

MEGA Hip Hop producer/song writer, Tricky Stewart threw a PRE GRAMMY party last night at Wonderland in El Lay

A TON of noteable SINGERS came out to celebrate.

And they should.

This dude’s worked with errrbody from Rihanna, to Christina, to Mary J Blige.

Ch-ch-check out the PICS from the EVENT:


Kat Dennings avoids VAPID bi*ches in Vancouver…

Kat Dennings (the chick from 40 year old Virgin and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) is in VanCity filming her UPCOMING flick, Daydream Nation, with hottie Josh Lucas

The actress has NO love for El Lay and it’s less than STELLAR ease of comfort with the RESIDENTS

“I’m very wary of people who are in Los Angeles for seemingly for no reason. I would never consider living here unless you had a reason to live here. Otherwise, it’s horrible.”

She’d run into more than a FEW duds here as well, but let’s hope she can avoid the rich bi*ches in Van long enough for my spy kit (along with stealthwear) to arrive in the mail.

Check out the on SET pics here…


Only Gaga’s pants are ALLOWED to be on the ground…



So a drunk ass CONCERTGOER at Lady Gaga’s concert at Radio City Music Hall

was kicked to the curb because he TRIED to ONE UP the bi*ch by saluting the General and performing “Pants On The Ground,” while she was performing with HER panties on the ground.

The infamous American Idol contestant is INFLUENCING errbody these days, BUT TMZ is reporting that he hasn’t been able to CASH IN off all the shows on TV that are using and REMIXING his song…

I’d love to see him COLLABORATE with the GAGA and maybe bring in Taylor Momsen for background VOCALS.



Because hitting the DONATE button online is just SO HARD…

Amy Fisher, the mistress GUNSLINGER (best known for her AFFAIR with Joey Buttafuoco) back in the 90’s is planning to STRIP down in hopes (very, very high hopes) of raising funds for Haiti


You can bet your LIFE that she’ll POP you in the EYE if you don’t watch her get NEKKID.

And, I dunno if a whole $1.36 is going to make much of a DIFFERENCE but I guess every little bit COUNTS.


Your Daily Sigh.

Johnny Depp on the COVER of GQ.

I’ll throw on a blonde wig and stockings and be Alice if he so pleases.


Take It To The Afterparty…

This ain’t your AVERAGE take it back to the pad after party bi*ches.

The WINNERS and LOSERS of the Golden Globes (and those who came just for the FREE booze) toasted not having their nips show through their dresses in the rain by hitting up some RITZY affairs like the InStyle party, the HBO afterparty at Circa 55 and FOX & Universal shindigs.

Lindsay Lohan showed up pretty decent due to the fact that she had a hood covering up that nesting area for God knows what on her head. The Twilight crew attended the InStyle party sans Kristen Stewart (the reason is quite obvious) and Mariah was absent from what I can see probably because she passed out from having her ta tas inflated to full capacity, or from drowning in pink champagne.

Anyways, here are the PICS from various Globe‘s afterpartiess…

Yes. Another reason to thank MLK.

Ain’t nobody going to wake up Mickey Rourke at 6am for work Monday morning.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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