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glam squad.


it’s tricky.

MEGA Hip Hop producer/song writer, Tricky Stewart threw a PRE GRAMMY party last night at Wonderland in El Lay

A TON of noteable SINGERS came out to celebrate.

And they should.

This dude’s worked with errrbody from Rihanna, to Christina, to Mary J Blige.

Ch-ch-check out the PICS from the EVENT:


Game. Over.

So in case you’re spending your weekend dry heaving in bed wracking your BRAIN to solve the RIDDLE as to who Tila TeKILLya’s prize winning baby daddy could be, you can now go back to your daily routine.

The pint sized Anime bubblehead went sh*t crazy over Twitter after she revealed to her followers that rapper, The Game was father to her unborn monthly paycheque.

The Game, who wasn’t ready to be RIDICULED by someone who probably used her tampon as a form of birth control, straight up paid a visit to TMZ to clear up the MISUNDERSTANDING.

He told them, in the most gentlemanly way possible, that he wouldn’t hit that chick with Shawne Merriman’s pogo stick if his career depended on it, and as a result the peroxide Troll went batsh*t crazay on him.

Via Twitter of course.

Bi*ch types up a FRENZY with all those exclamation marks  on the keyboard because the only way people would notice her tiny Troll a** is if she walked around with her top off.

Looks like she already got the MEMO.



Ri Ri’s #1 fan…

This is REAL sad.

Jasmina Anema, the self proclaimed NUMBER ONE fan of Rihanna’s passed away yesterday from her long battle with pneumonia. The cute little 6 year old had been suffering from leukemia, which had gone into short remission after Rihanna had found her a bone marrow donor for a transplant last year.

RiRi released a STATEMENT on the unfortunate passing of her little fan:

“I am increcibly hearbroken that Jasmina has passed away. Whe was such a brave and speical child. She showed more strength and spirt than many adults I have met. I feel blessed that I was able to have her in my life, and know that through her example she has saved many lives. She was truly an angel on earth.”

Having the ability to help those who can’t help themselves is probably one of the GREATEST gifts a person can give.

Kudos to RiRi for showing such COMPASSION.


It was only a matter of time…

So Noah Cyrus, Miley’s IMPRESSIONABLE younger sister who was unfortunately fu*ked from the getgo after being born into a family that makes the ones on MTV’s “Date My Mom,” look like proper Christian families is starting her own CHILDREN’S lingerie line…

The kid must’ve felt too CONSTRAINED in her WalMart undies when she was smacking her barely there a** to Akon

And you berated your spouse for allowing your 11 year old to read Puss In Boots.

Apparently she’s teaming up with her best friend, Briana Banks Emily Grace, to launch the line, for Ooh! La! La! Couture.

The official website boasts:

“The Emily Grace Collection as: “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, is reminiscent of Emily’s true personality. She is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers to create versatile styles that can be worn with sweet ballerina slippers, funky sneakers or paired with lace stockings and boots for more of a rock and roll look. Emily’s collection will appeal not just to little girls–the line also has an exclusive Teen Collection available to a size 14.”

For all those parents whose children are struggling with their times tables and verb placement, they now have an outlet for their child to excel in different aspects of life.

During tough economic times like these, it’s only fair for ALL members of the family to be put to “work.”

Thank Noah Cyrus, her friend, and both sets of parents for lending a helping hand with your electricity bill.



Ask Rachel Zoe.

So Nicole Richie is pretty ANGRY with the tabloids and press who are CLAIMING that she had an eating disorder, when really it was probably just having to witness Paris Hilton’s tacky wardrobe that was making her puke into her Birkin.


She tells Marie Claire UK, “I felt it was a little unfair to say someone has an eating disorder when they don’t. It’s extremely insulting and irresponsible. An eating disorder is serious and it’s a disease. I think when you see me in person, you see that I’m, like, five foot one – I’m a small person.When I was heavier, everyone said I was too heavy. You can’t win in the public eye and I find it really hard. So I ignore it now, I really do.”

Hey, I agree as much as the next girl BUT when you have Rachel Zoe sitting beside you plucking out each one of her eyelashes in fear of them adding to her body weight, you must feel a LITTLE pressure no?


Either way, the hot mess that she once was has smartened up and turned her LIFE around, and jokes aside, her ACCOMPLISHMENTS should be the main focus.

Check out the entreprenurial MAMA in the new issue of Marie Claire UK…





Watch out Matt Kemp.

How cute.

Justin Bieber, whose shorter than Chris Brown, but most likely has bigger balls, tippy toed up to give fellow SINGER Rihanna a peck during a pre Grammys gifting event…

He should’nt kiss and tell though…

“Thanks for refreshing the lipstick mark @rihanna.”

I hear she has a mean backhand.

Who you callin a TWIT?

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